Amanda Sawyer Threatens To Sue After Hijacking Landon Steele Podcast, Text Messages Show Her Son Admitting To Choking Ex-Girlfriend, Alleging Neglect


Last night’s live show was supposed be a 30 minute segment on Landon Steele. And although I did discuss his antics for that amount of time, our former call-in guest Amanda Sawyer, a recurring feature on the blog, had taken over the comments section. I elected to address her insane comments since she has been harassing me lately, including a barrage of unreturned messages she sent me earlier in the week at 3:37 AM.

Welcome to a day in my life at 3:37 AM.

Keep in mind, Amanda has thanked me multiple times for that blog because TBS is the only media outlet that entertains her.

Now, all of a sudden, she’s decided she didn’t like the initial blog about her because it’s fake news and is endangering her son. Keep in mind, the blogs were entirely commentary about the things she posted on Facebook and sought the attention of the public over, and centered entirely around a breakup between 16 year olds. According to one of her rants, her son had a restraining order out against him after he “put hands on” his ex-girlfriend.

Because Amanda is talking about lawsuits I decided to have her on so she could lie and contradict herself in case I ever needed to use it as evidence. She didn’t disappoint when she came on around the 28 minute mark, after we discussed Landon.

If you listen to any of that, start at the 35:45 mark just so you can hear “GOOODDDD DAMMNNNETTTT!!!” at the 35:55 mark. It’s extraordinary.

Which 16 year old dumped the other one? That seems to be her primary concern. She also thinks that the State Police and the governor’s office are investigating random people on Facebook and the people who rightfully put her in the looney bin last month, and believes that the people of West Warwick overwhelmingly support her.

Some might say that I shouldn’t give people like her a platform to rant. But these people aren’t just Internet trolls. They cause a lot of damage by threatening our advertisers and filing frivolous lawsuits, which is exactly what she was doing in the comments.

She comes from a state where a judge violated the First Amendment by ordering that I take down blogs about Failure Swift. I refused. And I will stand up to people like this because they’re not harmless.

Amanda needs to be institutionalized. She’s clearly not well, and she’s in charge of raising children, who clearly are not having their needs met. Speaking of, here’s a conversation between her son in question (who she admitted several times pushed his ex-girlfriend, and who she suggested had a restraining order taken out against him) and his ex-girlfriend. Not sure if Amanda’s seen this one yet.

“I wanna know why she didn’t threaten to press charges when you choked me and I could’ve died but threatened you when you hit a 9 year old brat.”

“I don’t know.”

That’s what we like to call an admission of guilt. It gets worse for Amanda.

According to her son’s ex-girlfriend, Amanda didn’t buy back to school supplies for them but did buy “unicorn shit.” Whatever that means.

And according to her son Amanda didn’t buy school supplies because she’s withholding that until the house is cleansed of bed bugs, which she will take no part in cleaning. She’s busy dressing up as Wonder Woman, protesting outside of the police department, spending long weekends in the looney bin, color coding printouts of Facebook comments, and doing guest appearances on Turtleboy. Priorities.

Her son also accused his mother of not giving him food because he “does nothing.”

Even though she’s unemployed and seems to contribute very little.

He also accused her of eating fast food in front of him, and said it would be like this until his uncle Justin came back.


And here’s Amanda’s evaluation from the hospital.

Her mother was the one who helped put here there. And her “boyfriend” Jay Gentile told them that “he doesn’t think that she’s paranoid.” And therein lies the problem – he’s enabling this madness because he’s too much of a pussy to tell his girlfriend that she needs serious mental help.


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