Community Rallies Around Holliston Unemployed Holliston Woman Who Can’t Pay For Heat Or Food, Boyfriend Can’t Work Because It Would Interfere With His Art


As the holidays approach, you’re going to see more and more people take to Facebook community groups and ask for free stuff. They’re going to tell you their whole sob story and anyone who has anything negative to say like, “maybe you should get a job,” will be mercilessly roasted for lacking compassion. But in reality the most compassionate thing you can do for people like this is giving them tough love. It’s like feeding a bear – if you keep giving them food they’ll never learn how to find it on their own.

Take for example this woman who has been posting all over Holliston Facebook groups.

If you have enough money for phones and Internet then you can find a way to pay for your heat and electricity. If you’re mentally ill then you can collect SSI. Stop begging strangers to take care of you, have some pride, and learn to be self sufficient.

The bigger issue is her boyfriend.

He thinks he can be picky about the kind of job he’ll take. He’s been “looking” for months now. He just can’t find the right non-profit to hire him.

Sorry Matt, but generally non-profits aren’t looking to employ able bodied, middle aged white dudes. Just sayin.

He apparently made a post that he has since taken down claiming that he can’t work because of his “art practice.”

Life is so hard.

His girlfriend appears to be at least 20 years younger than him.

Which I don’t have a problem with. My issue is that she’s obviously not very bright, thinks he’s some sort of catch because he lives in a house in Holliston, and he’s using her to e-beg on Facebook groups so that he can avoid finding employment.

Here’s an idea Matt – instead of skateboarding or working on your blog post that no one’s going to read, try applying for jobs that pay money so your girlfriend doesn’t have to beg strangers for the basics that you should be providing.

It looks like he lives in house too, and there’s no shortage of fuel assistance programs that will help people stay warm in the winter. But he always has an excuse for why it’s not going to work for him.

And I can’t say this for sure, but it sounds like he might’ve inherited the property.

Imagine inheriting a house and the only thing you had to pay for was heat and utilities and you still can’t make it work? Poor guy can’t catch a break.

People like this always have someone defending their honor at first. If you dare say something like this….

Prepare to get eviscerated for lacking “compassion.”

Really, the only acceptable response is to shower them with free stuff so you can feel good about yourself and convince yourself that you helped them out.


But the fact of the matter is that they’ll need more assistance tomorrow and the day after that. The best thing you can do is offer them tough love. So I hope you’re reading Matt and Katie – get a job and stop depending on other people to pay for your heat. Neither of you appear to have any kids, so really it’s quite pathetic and you should be ashamed.


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  1. These inbreds clearly had been breastfed for far too long.. that place is most likely a drug den that these idiots are now supporting.. how about they get out of that neighborhood so that actual working/taxpaying families can enjoy their lives without having to drive by these losers everyday..

  2. Dude. Get a life. You don’t know this guy. You don’t know a damn thing. Go creep on other peoples Facebook account.

  3. This is what democrats and liberals are teaching today’s youth. Everything is free and you’re not responsible for your lousy decisions in life. Get a clue and a job.

  4. I live near these people. The house is in shambles. The police are always there. The town has let this go on for far too long. These people are trash.

  5. i went to school with this girl and her mental health started to deteriorate so rapidly after she had to leave school because she was being bullied so badly, because she got caught sucking some kids dick behind the stairwell

  6. What a sad little man Aidan Kearney is, cyberstalking and screenshotting and talking about people he has never interviewed and doesn’t know. If we’re going to talk about ethics and about what is right and wrong, this couple clearly ranks above miserable, lonely little Aidan Kearney. Oh, the irony.

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