Pregnant Woman Beaten In Quincy 2 Weeks Ago Starts GoFundMe For New Teeth Despite Obvious Issues With Addiction


A couple weeks bag we did a blog on the animals who were caught on tape viciously beating a pregnant chick outside of a post office in Quincy.

But the media never really investigated why two criminals would treat a pregnant woman like a pinata on a busy street in Quincy. I’ve been pregnant before and no one ever did this to me, and it doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of thing that could happen to a person without a back story. So I’ve had my doubts as to whether or not this “victim” is as completely innocent as the media has made her out to be.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve gotten messages like this from turtle riders:

The pregnant girl Leanne Hindy that got jumped in Quincy had probably robbed those guys before or something. This girl is one of the most dirty nasty junkies I’ve ever come across in my life. When her first baby was born she was in the hospital for months because she was so highly addicted to heroin when she was born and they couldn’t stop her from having seizures, while Leanne was still getting high in the hospital. She wasnt allowed in her parent’s house so her and her boyfriend (his nickname was Bacon, not sure if they are still together or not) lived In a tent in the backyard. I would bet there is more to this story then them just randomly beating up a pregnant chick

And this:

In my hometown this girl is known for being a pathological liar, addict, and for robbing people. It’s actually speculated among the people that actually know her the only reason she didn’t press charges is because it was a drug deal gone bad considering she hasn’t had custody of her existing child in months due to her addiction, and I’m sorry but this just doesn’t add up. She was so public about it but didn’t press charges?

Then last week she started a GoFundMe for new teeth that raised some eyebrows:

  1. Pregnant women don’t get jumped because they’re in the “wrong place at the wrong time.”
  2. The $5,000 she’s trying to raise probably wouldn’t cover what she’s trying to get done.
  3. She lives in Massachusetts where everyone has health insurance.
  4. There’s a 99.9999999% chance she’s on Mass Health, in which case extractions and dentures are covered by the taxpayers.
  5. Leanne Hindy did an interview with WCVB after the incident, and it appears as if she’s not missing two front teeth.

There might be one missing chomper there, but certainly not multiple front teeth. And any missing incisors could easily have come from a long life of drug abuse and bad decisions. She also says she’s doing this because she wants to be able to smile for pictures, even though she hasn’t smiled for a picture since 1996 by the looks of her Facebook page.

None of this changes the fact that the people who did this to her are rabid animals who have no place in a civilized society. But treating her like a victim is ignoring an even bigger problem here – she has a human being inside of her that is likely going to be born addicted to drugs. Because people who get jumped by two savages like that in the middle of Quincy usually did something to bring that on. Ya know, like stealing drugs from a drug dealer. Coincidentally she says she was on her way to to recovery class when this random beating took place, and says that she’s not pressing charges against her assailants because she can’t afford an attorney:

  1. Your attorney is the assistant district attorney, and they’re free.
  2. Perhaps the reason she’s hesitant to go after them is because they might start talking about why they randomly decided to beat up a pregnant woman in the middle of Quincy. And perhaps they would say that she’s a junkie who still uses which would mean the DCF fairy would snatch up her kid right after she gives birth.

Newsflash – clean people don’t subscribe to and share memes from Facebook groups called “The Addict’s Diary.”

So in conclusion, it’s a terrible thing that two losers savagely beat a pregnant woman. But only focusing on them and pretending that the victim was blame free in all of this means you’re ignoring an even bigger problem – a junkie is using this incident to raise money for more drugs while she’s still pregnant. She’s also doing things that put her in this position in the first place, which directly endangers the health of her child in the womb because it results in her getting her clock cleaned in the middle of Quincy.


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  1. So I am Leanne and I did loose two teeth in this terrible fight. I am also in recovery and my son was not born addicted to drugs at all he is as healthy as can be and I am in recovery and doing my best how dare you say things like this when you dont even know the whole truth. Just because at one point in my life i was an addict doesn’t mean i am terrible person or i am scamming anyone. I am trying to move on in life and be a good mom and a good person. Shame on you for trying to do this . You will see punishment one day for being so cruel to people you know nothing about. Say what you want I know who I am am where I am going.

    1. Can we please see a picture of your 2 missing front teeth please. Not that it matters because you’re pregnant and 100% have masshealth who pays for dentures and partials.if you don’t have masshealth how are you getting prenatal care? Or are you not going to your dr because you know your baby is going to get taken.you’ll be the next psycho on the news that gives birth and the poor baby is found in a dumpster some where. So call your local dentist and go see him instead of Diego. Actually ask Diego to go halves with you on your 2 teeth because he’s the one helping you make them rot.Your double dipping us tax payers smut bucket.

    2. We all know where your going. First to get back on that good dick, then back on the good shit. Shame on you for reproducing.

    3. You say you’re Leanne, but your name is Anonymous. get real. I hope you did lose your teeth you piece of dogshit. what’s going to happen to this baby, you don’t even take care of the one you have. I hope after this effected baby is born you overdose. no one will miss you.

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