Two Guys Smeared As Pedophiles And Threatened By Firefighters For Taking Pictures Of Buildings In Public Are A Gay Couple And A Warwick Reporter


Earlier in the week we published a blog about a Dad from Rhode Island named Rob Kusher who posted pictures of two men who he claimed were photographing young girls in bathing suits at Lincoln Woods State Park. He demanded that these complete strangers hand over their phones to prove that they weren’t taking pictures of his daughter, they refused to do it, so he went home and smeared them as pedophiles on a post that was shared thousands of times.

He tried to have them arrested but was shocked to find out that taking pictures in a public park is not against the law. Keep in mind, there was no evidence that these men actually did anything wrong, but there was no shortage of people threatening them with physical violence and death for something they were not there to witness.

What was really remarkable was that the people publicly posting death threats weren’t just anonymous ratchets with nothing to lose. Joe Musone is a Pascoag firefighter, and he posted that he would’ve broken these men’s hands.

Sean Marcotte leveled several threats, including stating his belief that these two innocent men should’ve been pistol whipped, at a minimum.

As it turns out he is a Needham firefighter.

Well, as it turns out the guys were completely innocent. As a matter of fact they’re a couple.

And as gay men their interest in little girls would likely be minimal.

Joe Siegel is a reporter for the Warwick Post, and he almost always has that same exact smile on his face.

And yes, he always dresses like a white Steve Urkel, and that might make him a dork but it doesn’t make him a diddler. I have no idea who his husband or boyfriend is, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter. I’m just here to clear up the undeniable fact that Rob Kusher tried to smear this guy as a pedophile when in reality he’s a well respected member of society who was accosted by a lunatic. while taking pictures at a public park. His lone crime was not voluntarily giving up his constitutional rights by handing over his property to a guy who had no right to demand it. And instead of people asking for proof or evidence they all decided that he needed to die. This is why social media is a plague.

Also, I don’t take the comments as absolute truth but I thought I’d share this one anyway:

Let me clear things up for everyone….these are two happily married gay men. They walk around Lincoln Woods for exercise on a regular basis. On the day in question…one of them was taking a picture of the new building ( his hobby is photography) when this POS ran up to them accusing them of taking a picture of his daughter. They told him that…no…they were taking a picture of the building. FYI…gay men would not be taking pictures of girls…wtf. The POS called the state police on them and told the police…” check the sexual deviant database..I’m sure they are on it!” Of course…they were not…nor on any other database. The police told the POS that they had every right to be there and take pictures. Think this is over now? Nope…the POS then followed them around taking their picture and telling them he was going to post their picture on Facebook…which he did. He harassed and scared the crap out of the two guys. His last post and comment said that the guys lawyer called and said the gay guys would send him an apology if he deleted the Facebook post. NOT TRUE. The lawyer called him and told him to delete the post by the end of the day or they would sue his ass off! These guys are NOT pervs or child molesters of any sort. They were wrongly shamed and slandered by this POS.

I have no idea if Rob Kusher took his post down because he was forced to by a lawyer, but the fact of the matter is that the post is no longer up after being called out on TB Daily News.

This is why we exist – to combat mistruths and restore sanity to the world.


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