19 Year Old Chicopee High School Students Prompts Lockdown After Pretending Stapler Is A Gun, Points Into Classrooms, Defends His Honor On CPD Facebook Page


Chicopee Academy was locked down temporarily today after fears of a student or students with weapons was reported to police. As it turned out the students were conducting what they considered to be a practical joke.

Oh no, now he’ll never make the honor society!

Nineteen years old and still in high school. Welcome to Chicopee. And whatever you do, don’t unbutton that top button homes. Very west coast of you.

Generally if your school has the word “Academy” in it, then you go to the school for the kids who burn things. A place where 19 year old men think it’s funny to play cops and robbers with staplers. Most 19 year olds would rather be around people their own age, off at college or making money in the real world. But it takes a real winner to hang out with 15 year olds and get your school locked down by pretending that a stapler is a gun.

I figured we could all agree that this scholar was the poster child for everything that is wrong with America. The mere fact that he’s 19 years old, still in school, and his primary goal isn’t doing everything he can do to graduate and get out of high school as quickly as possible, tells me everything I need to know about him.

But this is Chicopee, so there were no shortage of folks lining up to make excuses for him.

He’s just a grown ass man playing “jokes” by leading people to believe he was orchestrating a school shooting. Some of you people just don’t get Parkland humor. I blame David Hogg.

I was under the impression that nineteen year olds raised flags on top of mountains on Iwo Jima. But I guess 19 year olds are children now. Who knew?

But, it was just a prank, right?

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“We as parents need to educate our children that all actions have consequences.”

Completely agree. In this case the action of putting the school into lockdown comes with the consequence of an arrest and a long overdue public shaming. And yes, I will absolutely pass judgement on a 19 year old who is still in high school. Every. Single. Time.

Yea, the teacher is the one who pulled the false alarm. Not the man who pretended to point guns into classrooms during an era when school shootings seem to be in the news every other week.

Completely agree. The real problem here is that society isn’t that a grown man is still in high school, hanging out with minors and causing mass panic. The real problem here is the fact that other people are judging him. Those people are dumb af.

A lot of this going around too.

“We” ruined someone’s life? Sorry my friend, but there ain’t no “we” here. The 19 year old high school student did this. What he did was a crime, and schools are not sanctuary states where you’re allowed to break the law and not get arrested. The good news is he goes to the school for kids who burn things so the bright future you’re worried about ruining was selling dime bags in Holyoke. This shouldn’t get in the way of that since they don’t do CORI checks in the projects.

This one was my personal favorite.

Newsflash Sheila – your kid is 100% trouble. If high school is “overwhelming” for him, that’s code for “I could get away with being a pain in the ass in the school for regular kids because it’s easy to blend into a crowd.”

He “thrives” in a small class structure because it’s easier to keep an eye on him in his prison/school. The mere fact that you believe your child deserves one on one attention, without considering the cost it was be for the taxpayers if every kid needed one on one attention from a teacher, explains why your kid ended up in the school for kids who burn things in the first place.

Maybe we’re judging him too harshly though. He showed up in the comments to explain his side of the story, and it was masterful.

Congrats for not dropping out when you were 15. Really setting the bar high there.

He seems to not understand how court works.

Yea, that’s called an arraignment son. Just because they let you walk out of the courtroom when it was over doesn’t mean the charges are actually dropped.

Obviously this is a quality individual who needs more chances in life.

He also posted the link to his arrest on his own page, which shows you that he really regrets the choices he made today.

He says that he may be in school until he’s 21, but that won’t stop him from being rich, buying your daughter a house, and acting as an inspiration for your grandchildren.

“dint even made it pass 9th grade.”

Does this look a guy and sound like a guy who didn’t fly through the 9th grade on his third try?

His sister had his back too.

“Dats not f***ing fare cuz…”

The fact that the only words these homo sapiens can spell right are the curse words is my favorite part of their existence.

Anyway, if Staples Sanchez wants to come on the live show this weekend to explain his side of the story we would love to have him on. Hit me up dog!


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