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23 Antifa Arrested For Domestic Terrorism In Atlanta Include Transgender Son Of Billionaire, Worcester Tech Student, SPLC Attorney


Police in Georgia have been trying to build a training facility that anti-law enforcement critics have dubbed “cop city,” in a forested area outside of Atlanta. Obviously this is necessary because we need police officers and they need to be trained. So of course Antifa has been using terrorism to try to stop it from being built. Last month Antifa rioted across the country after one of their terrorist protesters was killed by police after shooting at a state trooper. Over the weekend 23 more terrorists were arrested after storming “cop city” and attempting to burn it down with molotov cocktails. It’s received a lot of attention because one of arrested is an attorney named Thomas Jurgens, who works for the progressive activist group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

But that’s to be expected from the SPLC, which is nothing more than an activist hate group masquerading as a civil rights organization. What’s not expected is that one of the 23 arrested is the son of a billionaire.

This is James Mariscana.

He is the 30 year old son of Michael Mariscana, a billionaire who was named the most powerful person in Charlotte in 2017.

You might be successful in business, but if you have three kids and one of them is a “community organizer,” another is in a band, and the successful one is an assistant professor, then you are a complete failure as a parent. According to his bio Daddy donates heavily to Democratic politicians and is working with the Mayor of Charlotte to raise $250 million for an “equity initiative,” because there is no bigger business in this country right than diversity, equity, and inclusion rackets.

Michael Mariscana’s middle child child is a Brown University graduate and currently attends law school at UNC Chapel Hill. He of course goes by “she/they” pronouns, despite clearly being a gay man, and is working to abolish prisons.

Keep in mind, he has grown up as isolated from the reality of urban crime as possible, and defunding the police would have no effect on him or his rich family. It would only hurt people who live in urban areas that are disproportionately black. People like James don’t mind if black people get killed, so long as they get to play dress up and dance in the streets while pretending to give a shit about social justice.

This is far from his first arrest too. In 2020 James was charged with assault on a government official, resisting a public officer and disorderly conduct in an altercation with a police officer during a defund the police riot. In 2017 he was arrested at the Charlotte’s Airport after fighting with police while attempting to protest immigration restrictions. In 2016, he was also arrested during a BLM protest over some criminal who got shot by the police.


Apparently she/they is taking all his hormones because he sounded like a cracked out Macy Gray during a recent IG video in which he explained why he was closing his bank account with Bank of America.

Keep in mind, his bank account comes from Daddy.

None of these maggots are actually from Georgia except for the SPLC attorney, which means they all crossed state lines to participate in terrorism against law enforcement. Will the FBI be investigating them? Or are they still trying to identify grandmothers who walked into the Capitol building two years ago?

Also arrested were three people from Massachusetts:

First of all, how much of a loser do you have to be if you’re 48 years old and this is what you’re doing with your life? I could understand the young ones because their brains are full of cottage cheese and imaginary pronouns, but eventually one day the hope is they grow out of it. For failed 7/11 clerks like Alexis Papali this just shows how pointless their existence on this planet is.

Ayla is from Worcester and either attends or graduated from Worcester Technical High School, where President Obama was the graduation speaker in 2014. She seems well-adjusted.

If your daughter runs away to join a terrorist group the minute she turns 18 then you have failed as a parent.

We can laugh at these people all day, and they rightly deserve our scorn and ridicule. But the real problem are the uber-wealthy activists like Michael Mariscana and George Soros who give money to politicians who coddle domestic terrorists like this. Antifa does the bidding of their wealthy masters and occasionally get arrested before Soros funded DA’s drop the charges. The anti-police mentality prevalent in the Democratic party is what inspired these people to become domestic terrorists, the universities and law schools radicalized them, and the richest people in the country are funding their activities. The problem isn’t Antifa, it’s the people who are using Antifa and BLM to do the dirty work so that they can continue to line their pockets with DEI money.


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