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24 State Reps Who Voted For the “Police Reform” Bill And Should Be Voted Out In November


Last night on the Live show we looked at what could happen to communities if the “police reform” bill is signed into law by Charlie Baker. Here’s the list of State Reps and how they voted on this bill.

And here’s a breakdown of what the long term effects of this legislation if Charlie Baker chooses to sign it.



Some of these state reps aren’t going anywhere. People like Liz Miranda and Michael Connolly will never lose because they come from Boston and Cambridge, which are overwhelmingly liberal and filled with people who hate the police. I wouldn’t waste time encouraging anyone to run in places like Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Springfield, Northampton, Amherst, New Bedford, Fall River, or other SJW havens, because you can’t win there. However, democrats who come from more moderate towns, and won by less than 60%, should be challenged, and their vote on this bill should be the only thing that matters. In voting yes they spit in the face of law enforcement and threw in all their chips with BLM. It was a gutless vote and the problematic legislators need to be identified.

The problem is that the Mass GOP is useless and doesn’t put up or recruit candidates in most of these districts. I’d love to help them out, but apparently the most widely read conservative blogger in Massachusetts isn’t someone they’re interested in working with. So I’ll do their work for them and put together a list of 24 democrats who I consider to be vulnerable in the upcoming election. Since it’s too late to take out papers to run against them I would urge anyone who lives in any of these districts to start a write in campaign for the primary. If you do I will promote you. All you need is 150 write in votes on the September 1 primary and your name would be on the ballot in November. If someone’s already running for that seat I will have their back. Again, most of these candidates are vulnerable and deserve to be fired.

Patricia Haddad – Somerset, Dighton, Swansea

Has not been opposed since getting on in 2008.



Joseph Wagner – Chicopee

Has not been opposed since getting on in 2008

$500 from State Police Union



James Arciero – Chelmsford, Littleton, Westford

Been there since 2008 recently elected with 64%. Would be harder to get rid of, but anything is possible.



Linda Dean Campbell – Haverhill Methuen

No Republican challenger since 2010, won with 58%. Why is no one challenging this woman?




Josh Cutler – Duxbury, Hanson, Pembroke

Routinely challenged, has won with as little as 53%. This is one of the more vulnerable democrats in the Statehouse, and we have a plethora of turtle riders from the south shore.



Michael Day – Stoneham, Winchester

Gets challenged by the same woman every 2 years, margin of victory between 51-58%.



Carol Doherty – Taunton, Easton

Won Shauna O’Connell’s seat 57-43 over Kelly Dooner after O’Connell was elected Mayor of Taunton. Dooner is running again in November. Follow her on Facebook here



Michelle Dubois – Brockton, East Bridgewater, West Bridgwater

Won with 56 and 51%.

I’ve written about this woman more times than I can count. She legislates and acts like she comes from a radical blue district, but she does not. She has a democratic challenger in the primary who I will gladly promote and invite onto the live show.



Carolyn Dykema – Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough, Westborough

Wins with between 52-61%. Would be one of the harder candidates to remove, but still possible.




Tricia Farley Bouvier – Pittsfield

Has never had an opponent. Pittsfield is blue collar city and not nearly as radical. I have no idea if we have turtle riders out that way, but if we do someone should challenge her.



Ken Gordon – Burlington, Wilmington, Bedford

Unopposed last election but has won with between 52-58%. Very vulnerable after this vote.


Danielle Gregoire – Westboro, Northboro, Marlboro

Has won with between 50-63%. Less vulnerable as her numbers have gone up every election cycle.



Natalie Higgins – Leominster

Won with 55-56% twice.

Natalie is a radical, defund the police Bernie bro. Leominster is not that kind of city, and she should not represent them in Boston. Any republican challenger could give her a run for her money.



David Leboeuf – Worcester, Leicester

Won with 59% in a district Republicans held for an 4 years. Unfortunately we lost this seat (my old district) after Kate Campanale fell in love and moved to Peter Durant’s district. Only one of them could stay a state rep, which opened this normally republican district up to this clown. He needs to go.



John Mahoney – West side Worcester

Unchallenged since 2010. Lots of donation cash from Karyn Polito. Has been eliminating comments from critics and blocked me personally on Facebook. For years his bar Mahoney’s in Worcester was a haven for underage drinking, and largely because of that no longer exists.


Paul McMurtry – Dedham, Walpole, Westwood

Only challenged once and won 67%. Probably the least likely to be voted out on this list, but anything is possible.


Christina Minicucci – Haverhill, Methuen, North Andover

64-66% winner. Another long shot, but she deserves to be called out.


Brian Murray – Milford, Hopedale, Mendon, Medway

55-56% winner. Liked this guy because he took my phone call about Hadassah Robeson, but ultimately he didn’t do anything and then went on to vote for this bill. Milford can do better than Brian Murray.



Harold Naughton – Clinton, Berlin, Boylston, Lancaster, Northborough, Sterling

Last challenged in 2014, got 55%. Here he is standing next to Chief Frank Frederickson from Yarmouth, Andrew Sluckis from Auburn, and Weymouth Police Chief, after promising them his support in light of the killings of cops in their towns (Gannon, Tarentino, Chesna).

This seat needs to turn red in November.


Tram Nguyen – Andover, Boxford, North Andover, and Tewksbury

Took out Jim Lyons with 54%. She’s no moderate, but she represents a moderate district. She needs to go.


Jim O’Day – Northeast side of Worcester, West Boylston

Unchallenged since 2012. West Boylston does not like this guy. If anyone ran against him he’d be in trouble.



Jeffrey Roy – Franklin, Medway

54-58%. One of the more vulnerable seats for sure.



Ted Speliotis – Danvers, Peabody, Middleton

Won with 51-52% last 3 elections. Probably the most vulnerable person on this list. Surely a turtle rider in one of these municipalities could step up to the plate and take bootleg Dukakis down.


Ron Mariano – Quincy, Weymouth, Holbrook

This guy wins with between 66-69% and is a career politician, largely because he represents a gerrymandered district that hooked up to add liberal Quincy voters, and silence the voices of more conservative people in Weymouth. It would be hard to get rid of him, but the fact that he voted for this bill after sitting on that stage at Chesna’s memorial is criminal.




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