25 Facts You Need To Know About Charlestown Kidnapper Victor Pena, A Perverted Sociopath Freeloader Who Held Olivia Ambrose As Prisoner For 3 Days

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This weekend a 23 year old woman named Olivia Ambrose went missing after leaving Hennessy’s bar in Boston on Saturday night. Police have spent the last three days looking for her, and many of you tagged us in posts about it. Sadly, I, like many others, presumed she was dead, because more often than not missing women don’t end up being found. Then out of nowhere today the BPD announced that they had found her in Charlestown and they arrested her kidnapped Victor Pena.


Here’s 24 things you need to know about this story.

1. Olivia is a 23 year old from Wenham who recently started working at Toast INC in Boston. She has a twin sister named Franny.


2. There have been no reports of rape, and he has only been charged with kidnapping. When the cops got there he answered the door and they immediately saw her. There are no reports that she was bound and gagged or restrained at all. No reports have come back about her injuries either.

I’m sure more news will come out about this, because I certainly have some questions. But the poor girl is likely traumatized so give it time. I look forward to hearing what this animal did to her, and how he was able to essentially imprison her for 72 hours without the ability to escape.


3. They found her through cell phone pings and videos. Only a moron would think they could evade capture if the person you kidnapped still has their cell phone on them.



4. According to Michelle McPhee, Livy Ambrose was kicked out of Hennessy’s bar in Boston for being too drunk. However, the Boston Globe reported that she followed a man out of the bar who was kicked out, and who was originally named as a person of interest. However, they both went their separate ways and he has been cleared.


5. At 11:42 PM on Saturday night Olivia was seen with two men, one of who put his arm around her and directed her towards the State Street MBTA station. They were seen 20 minutes later at the Community College stop on the Orange Line MBTA stop in Charlestown. This likely means whoever the other guy was is either a suspect or a witness.


6. According to BPD he was seen clutching and holding her, indicating that she was not going along willingly.


7.¬†¬†Pena is well known to MBTA police and has been a menace towards woman. One one occasion in 2009 a woman reported him staring at her on the Subway, following her off the train, and then when the police arrived he told them he was making sure she wasn’t scared. In another incident he was pacing and staring at two young girls on a train and sat down next to them despite multiple empty seats on the train. He was asked to leave by the police. A friend of Pena told the MBTA Police that he had a tendency to follow around young girls and suffered from mental health issues.


8.  He is a freeloading maggot who lives off social security and has been in government housing for 10 years despite not having a disability.


9.¬†He doesn’t speak a lick of English and refers to himself as a “good person” on Facebook.


10. He previously lived in Newark and Pennsylvania, and had previously violated restraining orders in 2008 and 2014, along with a 2004 charge for assault.


11. Neighbors say he acted strangely, and recently was seen staring at a 14 year old girl who he later followed on his bike.


12.¬†He says he’s very horny and looking for a woman between the ages of 18-35 to seduce him.


13. Nine months ago people began posting on his page, calling him a bastard and telling him he needed forgiveness from God. He responded by saying he slept with someone named Lychee.


14.¬†He has four Facebook pages and recently shared a post from one of his pages from three years ago about a woman who thinks she’s being raped by a spirit every night.


15. He posts weird videos and selfies of himself at Dunkin Donuts and Whole Foods, by himself.

16. In October he posted about how bored he was because no one wanted to connect with him.


17.¬†He posted in October about “controlling the vagina.”


18. He seemingly only takes pictures of himself, presumably because he has no friends, and in October he went to the casino and took about 25 of the creepiest selfies of himself watching a band.


19. He posts fantasies about becoming rich, protecting his money at gunpoint, and eventually getting Jennifer Lopez to fall in love with him.


20.¬†He has bitch tits, but he’s working on it.


21.  His mother seems to be his only companion, and he once took her to the graveyard for some selfie fun.


22. He goes through weird hair phases.


23. His friends list contains lots of what appear to be underage girls.


24. The pumpkin spice mafia was spreading their usual dumb rumors about people drugging random women and kidnapping them into sex slavery rings.


25. A lot of people thought Pena was a chick at first.


This man is an animal and a ticking time bomb that was destined to eventually do something like this. All the signs were there, and as usual our courts have failed us. I pray that Olivia was not sexually assaulted, but I can’t imagine a situation in which she wasn’t. This is a mentally unstable sexual predator with no regards for the sovereignty of a woman’s body. He views them as objects to stick his tiny pee-pee in. He has no idea how to talk to women, and he knew that the only kind of a girl he could ever hope to get back to his taxpayer funded apartment was a drunk girl stumbling around Boston alone on a cold winter night. When he saw her he realized that this was going to be easy. He didn’t see a person; he saw an object for his own selfish purposes. People like this are incapable of living in a civilized society and need to be put in jail for life, or better yet, have a bullet put in their head.

At the same time I have an overwhelming sense of joy for her parents. Missing women don’t show up alive days after looking for them. That hardly ever happens. Surely her family must’ve been thinking about the likelihood of that outcome while still holding onto faith that she was alive. Then, all of a sudden they find her today. They must be the happiest people on earth. I can’t even imagine how good that feels. But it will be short lived as their daughter has likely been put through hell, and will have to relive it by explaining it all to the police, and eventually a district attorney. Luckily kidnapping isn’t one of the 15 crimes that Rachael Rollins vowed not to prosecute.


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