40 Year Old Leicester Woman Reignites Year Long Campaign To End Turtleboy By Sending T-Shirts To My House, Compiling Screenshots For Pending Criminal Charges


Update – Rochanna appears to be doing a YouTube stream in response to this blog at 10 AM. Because pretty much no one we blog about ever has to work. If you want to comment during the stream she makes you hit the subscribe button.

This is Rochanna Buckley from Leicester.

She owns two businesses:

  1. Memories of Your Life Photography, which apparently does a lot of those “sex photos for your man” albums by the looks of her business Facebook page.
  2. Buckley Custom creations, which is her spray painting trademarked logos on cheap t-shirts that she sells out of her house.

Today Rochanna made a Facebook post that a number of people sent to me, in which she urged people to contact her with screenshots of messages I’ve sent, and other such evidence that she could use for some sort of master plan to finally take down Turtleboy.

She claims I am harassing her friends, which in ratchet speak means “he wrote a blog exposing someone I know for doing something horrible.”

I posted this on Facebook and a lot of people were confused, so I decided to write a quick blog explaining.

Rochanna, who has the misfortune of being named after some sort of Disney villain that didn’t make it to the cutting floor, was a long time turtle rider. She would send me story ideas all the time, and was actually one of the first people to ever buy a Turtleboy t-shirt when I began selling them in 2015. She even made Turtleboy Christmas tree ornaments that she was kind enough to send to my house.

However, along the way Rochanna became a YouTuber who goes by “Boss Bitch,” and she for some reason decided that Turtleboy was bad now, or something. She apparently got her news from a very serious left wing website and announced to the world that she was no longer a turtle rider.

Turtleboy bad!

Rochanna, who is an almost 40 year old mother, decided it was time to join something called “Team Storm.” This was a dedicated group of very serious Internet vigilantes run by an mentally unstable and unemployed woman named Shannon Labarre, who ran some anonymous social media accounts that mostly provided aid to rapists and dog killers, as well as posting pictures mocking the way my children look.


Team Storm promised a lot to their followers, including criminal charges and the ultimate end of Turtleboy altogether, so a lot of people we blogged about were drawn to it. They vowed that indictments and charges were coming for all sorts of crimes, and that anyone associated with the blog would be caught up in “the storm.” They even made videos!

As part of Team Storm, Rochanna’s job was to run some of the social media accounts and harass my family by sending them custom made t-shirts that she made for her “business.” Last March someone rang my doorbell on a Sunday afternoon. I opened the door and found a morbidly obese woman with a mask holding a package in a USPS container. I thought this was odd because it did not contain a return address, only had a first and last name of a family member of mine, and normally the USPS doesn’t send packages on a Sunday with people who don’t work for the post office.

The cheesehog at my door refused to give me the package when I answered the door, and instead made a family member sign for it, which was odd. I opened it up and found a t-shirt with a QR code that brought me to a YouTube video that Rochanna and Shannon had made as part of Team Storm.”

Rochanna didn’t exactly do a good job hiding it. First of all, she made t-shirts. Secondly, she lives close to me so she could send one of her gravitationally challenged friends to my house. Thirdly, she knows where I live because she sent me ornaments previously.

Boss Bitch was quite proud of herself in the comments during one of many YouTube streams dedicated to talking about my personal life.


She wasn’t happy that I opened the package, so she plotted to send another shirt to an elementary school in Fitchburg, just to continue the harassment of non-involved parties some more.

This is very stable behavior from a very stable 40 year old woman.

Apparently she and other members of Team Storm were under the impression that this would make me stop blogging, or something. But I just kept going like I always do instead.

Rochanna even shared a video she obtained of my then 3 year old son crying, and mocked him for it. As upsetting as it was to see a grown woman doing this to a child, I elected to ignore it and move on with my life and my business instead.

Meanwhile, friends of hers were noticing her posts about me and began sending me screenshots of her unstable behavior.

“I’m such a good person. Please tell me I’m good! Pay attention to me!!”

Anyway, I guess Team Storm is back now based on her post today, which got a lot of people fired up.

Jason Aubuchont says that someone should “tune me up,” which is gonna be difficult because I’m not a piano. But some familiar faces were there as well, including disgraced former Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney, who isn’t the least bit embarrassed that he sued me and lost in 2018 because I didn’t endorse him for a Council race that he finished in last place in.

This was interesting because Rochanna used to always send me hilarious videos of Gaffney and his wife going through an extremely cringe mid life crisis.


If you go full Team Storm it will require that you ally with a lot of unsavory people that you probably spent years laughing at when you read our blogs. Never go full Team Storm.

Another person who commented was Kimberly Adams, who is still upset about a 2018 blog she was featured in.

Kimberly made her debut when she created a fake Twitter account to harass her son’s well liked football coach Ryan Dugan at Shepherd Hill – a program that currently has 3 former players in the NFL. Apparently she thought he yelled too much and was mean.


It’s funny seeing Kimberly Adams comment on this post today, because back when Rochanna was a turtle rider she used to message me to write about Kim again, who she kept on her friends lift for the sole purpose of getting screenshots.

She treated Turtleboy like her personal burn book for years, constantly trying to get me to blog about people in her life who would never find out that she was the source of the story.

I usually don’t reveal my sources, unless you join Team Storm. Then all bets are off.

Never go full Team Storm.

Spoiler alert guys – I’m not a perfect person. I make mistakes, but I try to correct them and become a better person. The difference between me and the people I blog about is that I don’t break the law, and I don’t go out of my way to hurt innocent people. Regardless, you’re not here to read about me because I’m not that interesting. You’re here to read the blogs, so just read the blogs and try to stay away from Team Storm.


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