A Teenager Jumped From The 4th Floor Of The Edward Brooke Courthouse In Boston Today


Some kid jumped off the 4th floor of the Edward Brooke Courthouse in Boston today apparently:

I remember this happened a few years ago in Worcester too:



But he only jumped from the third floor, and he lived. No word on the status of today’s jumper, but according to the Globe he’s a teenagerUpdate – we are told the teenager passed away. Pretty twisted that a child would feel the need to do something like that. I hope it wasn’t because of something that happened in juvenile court. I don’t know the child’s background, but to do something like this you have to feel extremely helpless. It’s tragic to think that if this kid was born 10 miles away he probably wouldn’t have had the psychological issues that he had growing up in Suffolk County.

No word on if he was there for court for himself or someone else, but when you build courthouses like that you’re basically asking for this to happen. I realize it’s too late to go back and change that, but what were they thinking? Who do these architects think goes to court every day? When you put balconies like that it’s an invitation for someone to jump or get pushed over. Sure, it looks cool and all, but this is a courthouse, not a mall. This whole “modern” look is all part of the gentrification that takes over every time a city says they want to have a “renaissance.” They think aesthetically instead of thinking functionally. There is absolutely no reason for a courthouse to be shaped like this. Ever.


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