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Abusive Mother And Gender Nonspecific Human Plot To Expose Pedophile Poachers 


There is a group of vigilantes who are going after the pedo poacher vigilantes in Leominster, due to their association with the larger national organization known as “Predator Poachers.” These vigilantes use the Murder Merk YouTube channel to “expose” some of these guys, because some of them like the shady Arab guy in New Jersey, are indeed scammers. But Predator Poachers of Massachusetts actually catches legitimate pedophiles trying to harm children, they work with police, and several of these predators have been charged with serious crimes as a result.

I blogged about this Murder Merk channel two weeks ago because they’ve started to go after Jay at PPM, which seemed unfair. Bristol Blarney was following along, and since she’s unable to come up with original content of her own she decided to jump in the middle of this story during one of their live streams last week.

Her “PI will authentic those chat logs third party.” And by that she means, Mike Hilario, AKA Sound Guy, will read them over.

So basically what we have here is a guy in Leominster exposing pedophiles, and now Kate is trying to “expose” him because he didn’t do an interview with her. Shocking that Kate would do something like this, after all, she has such a great history with children.

Oh wait, no she doesn’t. This is a woman who had her 5 year old daughter call her a retard for a YouTube video just days before she and her three brothers were taken from their section 8 dump in Taunton by DCF due to Kate’s neglect and abuse.

The same woman who just 2 days after DCF took her kids (again) decided it would be a good time to pretend to be 6 months pregnant and attempt to buy the abortion bill at Target so she could get some YouTube views.

The same woman who permanently had her two sons taken from her because she refused to stop shacking up with drug addicted men and engaging in acts of domestic violence that required police responses, even while professing to love them.

The same woman who said she hates the daughter who’s lived in so many foster homes she can’t keep track.

The same daughter she neglects by going out, getting drunk, blowing coke in south shore parking lots, and not coming home.

The same woman who DCF, the police, and doctors all suspected of abusing her daughter in October, but who Kate claimed was lying because she got the bruises when she “snuck out of her window.”

When your entire parenting experience has been 14 years of neglect and abuse, you have forever given up the right to pretend that you are an advocate for children. Although I guess it’s not shocking that she plans on “exposing” someone who is getting pedophiles like Stephen Mannas charged with crimes.

She told the Murder Merk people that the reason she’s going after the poachers is because I’ve written good things about them.

She’s apparently upset that she tried to reach out to the poachers but they didn’t want to work with a woman who abuses and neglects her own children.

But she told them that it was Turtleboy who was the one who was bad news.

Except I never abused or neglected my crotch fruits, nor did DCF ever confiscate then after finding an apartment filled with dirty dishes, soiled clothing, and children festooning in feces filled diapers.

One of the people looking to expose the predator poachers is this human.

It’s name is Sasha Crane, and Sasha is well aware of Kate’s past but told me that he/she is OK with it as long as they’re exposing the pedo poachers. Shocked that these two would now be leading the charge to go after people who expose child rapists. Can’t imagine why.

Their big beef is apparently that Jay from PPM uses real kids as decoys, and this is what they showed me for evidence.

Except that’s not some random kid, it’s one of the poachers when he was a teenager. Using pictures of real kids as bait is weird. Using a picture of yourself is fine.

Aaron MG is one of the other admins, and he apparently doesn’t like the fact that Jay from PPM….smoked weed!!

Oh. My. God.

Pot in Massachusetts??? Where it’s legalized!! What’s next – will he start drinking BEER in front of them too?

This guy really sent me a 21 minute video that Sasha put together of Jay lying in bed rolling a joint and a teenager walks in the room and then leaves.


I try not listen to Kate’s stupid show because it’s just a collection of freaks and they’ve turned the auditors like Bucket Boy into contributors. It’s also incredibly boring and uninteresting. Masshole Mitch quit the show because he doesn’t want me to look into his past now that he knows that I know he’s Mike, an employee for the town of Reading.  But someone sent her Tuesday’s show where they had Sasha on, and the quotes were too good not to blog about.

So “there’s absolutely no legal consequences for any of these catches.”

Sure thing Kate.

Then she shared her legal expertise that she so eloquently displayed while failing to get a harassment order against me back in March.

“A good defense attorney, you’ve handed them their case.”

“Can’t authenticate the chat logs”

“Statements made under duress”

Yea, that’s why the DA’s office is pressing charges Kate. Because they don’t think there’s a case.

“Not through a bunch of jackass auditor reject felons who don’t have the authority to do what they’re doing”

I see Kate is now opposed to vigilantes who collaborate with the police to have people arrested because they do it for the attention. Good thing she’s never done anything like that.


Who’s a bigger threat to society – a child rapist or Will Turbitt? Tough one.

Fat boy Hilario chimed in too.

“There’s no consequences for the guys getting exposed.”

“Their picture isn’t being broadcast on NBC News.”

“They walk away with no criminal charge.”

Sure thing Mike.

Kate also lied and said that the poachers are using real kids as decoys.

“They’re using children as young as 12 years old”

First of all, no they’re not.

Secondly, remember that time Kate took her 12 year old daughter to stalk the Fall River Guttermuppet as she worked a street corner in Pawtucket?

Or that time she brought her two kids undercover to Hadassah Robeson’s house in Milford and pretended to be a homeless person looking to move in there?

But please Kate, tell me more about how you’re opposed to using children for your online sleuthing.

Anyway, I wanted to like the Murder Merk people but if they choose to associate themselves with a woman who abuses and neglects children I have to assume that they condone child abuse and neglect, so I can’t hitch my train to that wagon.



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