Abusive Mother Charged With Violating Restraining Order Against Turtle Rider Starts $50K Fundraiser By Defrauding Donors 


Today I went to Boston for a hearing, which I will be discussing in detail on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. In short, a substance abusing woman who lost 2 of her children permanently due to neglect has been threatening and harassing supporters, friends, and family for a couple years now, and it’s gotten out of control.  This person is just a troll, so I’ve tried to ignore it as best I can. But this woman, who I’ve written about several times before, has made that difficult due to the constant harassment. This individual was part of DCF Mom Shannon Labarre’s “The Storm,” that abused the judicial system, aided Monica Cannon-Grant, Rian Waters, and Big Black Jeffrey, and did unspeakable things to innocent children.

However, this woman finally crossed a line she wasn’t allowed to cross and was held accountable in West Roxbury District Court today. Two months ago a judge granted a fully year restraining order against this woman, which she quickly violate by directly contacting the victim on a YouTube stream.  As a result Boston Police charged her with violating the order against the turtle rider, who was targeted because of their association with me. This woman is now lying about what’s happening to her, and has raised over $50K in legal funds by presenting herself as the victim. I cover a lot of scams, but this is truly one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen. Feel free to report the fundraiser here.

Anyway, I’d rather not deal with nonsense like this, as it takes away from valuable time I could be creating content and breaking news stories like I usually do. But when you victimize innocent people because of your obsession with a blog you don’t like, and you defraud people by lying about what actually happened, then you deserve to be exposed and held accountable. We will be doing that tonight on the Live Show at 9 PM. 



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