Abusive Stepmom Arrested, Judge Places Her On House Arrest So She Can Still Threaten Victims, Tried To Get Support From Bikers Against Abusing Kids


Lorrayna Calle had a clerk’s hearing scheduled for today in Fitchburg District Court to see if criminal charges would be filed against her on a variety of charges. This court date was scheduled well before we published any blogs about her, but if you’re not familiar with this story I suggest you read this, this, and this to catch up. It’s quite complicated, but very disturbing.

Last night 3 Fitchburg police officers, responding to public outcry from turtle riders, went to Denise’s house to check on her and her daughter. Around this same time Lorrayna was being arrested for threats to commit a crime and violation of a restraining order. Because the arrest was unexpected the 9 AM clerk’s hearing was pushed back so Lorrayna could be arraigned after last night’s arrest.

Sources tell us that the judge ordered that Lorrayna be placed under house arrest, and a source has reported (but it hasn’t been confirmed) that her cell phone was confiscated, presumably for a forensic analysis. I, along with the victims, stopped getting text messages from her for over 24 hours, after getting them non-stop for 2 days straight before that.

After her arraignment Lorrayna, her lawyer, and Claudio Calle went to the other courtroom and sat directly next to Denise outside. A volunteer from Bikers Against Abusing Kids was there to provide emotional support for Denise. It should be noted that Denise has a restraining order against Lorrayna, but no court officers were present as this dangerous woman was seated next to her victim.

Evidence was presented during the clerk’s hearing that Lorrayna had forged several documents with Denise’s signature, including applications for custody rights for Claudio, cancelation of child support, and an end to the restraining order. The clerk agreed that there were grounds to bring this in front of a judge, filed the charges, and set the next court date for December 5.

It seemed as if things were under control until I heard from Lorrayna again at 9:53 PM:

Another one of the victims got this at 9:18 PM:

As soon as the other victim received this text message she called Worcester Police who told her to call her town police and filed a report. Clearly Lorrayna does not care about court orders or house arrest, as she’s violating the law from her own house on Sunderland Road. If they did actually confiscate her phone she just got a new burner phone. It’s what she does.

Lorrayna also saw that people were tagging Bikers Against Abusing Kids and tried to pre-empt their inevitable support by sending them an email.

Of course she offered no “proof,” because she has in fact been doing all the things we accused her of. They in turn asked for proof that they were even speaking with Lorrayna and she sent them this.

Her ploy didn’t work and BAAK representatives showed up to court today to offer support for Denise, and we thank them for that.

Earlier today I also received a voice message from a woman named Livia Araujo, telling me to message her back about the “other side” of child abuse. She blocked me when I tried to.

Lorrayna’s maiden name is Araujo so they’re likely related.

We’re not letting up on this story. It’s sad that it took a TB Daily News blog to get the police to give this story the attention it deserves, but it goes to show you that the pressure put on by turtle riders is effective. And we won’t stop fighting until this monster is in jail where she belongs.


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