Abusive Stepmom Threatens To Post Intimate Photos Of Victim If We Don’t Remove Blog, Promises To Kill Child And Mother


If you haven’t read the blog we published on Friday, about the stepmother who assaulted and threatened to kill her husband’s daughter in order to get revenge on the girl’s mother, you’re going to have to read this blog first before proceeding, because there’s too much to go over. Lorrayna Calle appears to be one of the most diabolical and sinister people ever featured on our blogs, and she is very dangerous as long as she remains free.

After pretending to be Denise Ramos (the mother of the girl she is threatening to kill who has a restraining order out against her) in a failed attempt to use Turtleboy to smear Denise, Lorrayna privatized her Facebook and posted this update.

She has since taken that down too, along with her entire Facebook account. Her husband Claudio “Sony” Calle, who allowed this monster to assault and threaten his daughter, has also taken his Facebook down.

Several women have active restraining orders out against Lorrayna, yet she has contacted these women since the blog was published using a burner phone. In one disturbing message she said that she’s going to kill the child, in spite of the RO which she admits she has out against her, cut Denise open and stomp on her unborn baby.

In other messages she brags about ruining the little girl’s childhood, explicitly states that she wants Denise and her children erased from Sony’s life completely, and says she looks forward to their death.

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Some have suggested that these could be fake, as it’s possible that Denise could be making these burner numbers in order to incriminate Lorrayna and have her arrested. I’m open to all theories, but the fact of the matter is that Lorrayna has used her real name to send similar messages to these women in the past.

This is what she does. Those fake DCF documents (we’ve seen the real ones) she sent in that message were the exact same ones she photoshopped onto a Clarence Woods Emerson post and messaged me about, while using a fake Denise Ramos Facebook messenger account.

She’s also got lots of court records to back up her run-ins with the law, and it’s been confirmed that she was fired from her job at a Worcester insurance company last year for running Denise’s information and canceling her insurance after forging her signature. The DCF reports supporting claims that she beat the child are real too, as are the restraining orders, which courts don’t issue without a lot of evidence.

Surely no one could be this dumb and obvious, right? Why would anyone be this brazen?

Simple – people think they can do whatever they want so long as they use burner phones. One of the women who has a RO out against Lorrayna brought it to her local police department, who in turn brought it to the Worcester Police Department because that’s where Lorrayna evidently lives (not Fitchburg). According to her the WPD came back and told her that they went to her house to serve her, but because she wouldn’t come to the door there was nothing they could do.

I also know from this past summer when I began getting threats from Manuel Lucero and Adam Walker, that it’s really easy for these people to use an app to send threatening anonymous messages to people. Local police departments are limited in their resources, and DA’s have to subpoena phone companies for records, which sometimes leads nowhere. I contacted the state police, who did nothing, and the only reason Lucero was arrested was because he violated his probation by traveling to Arizona and not registering as a sex offender.

If these messages weren’t sent by Lorrayna she easily could’ve contacted me to let me know, since it would libelous. But she hasn’t because she’s guilty and she’s been getting away with it for so long.

Lorrayna also found out my phone number and began texting me pictures today of a scantily clad Denise Ramos (which were lovely), threatening to post them on our page if we didn’t take the blog down.

The images were on Denise’s iCloud, which Lorrayna gained access to when she was allowed to see the daughter who brought her Mom’s iPad to the house. She then attempted to extort me into taking the blog down by threatening to post the images of Denise on our Facebook page if we didn’t comply.

Extortion is illegal, so now I have a reason to go to the police with this tomorrow. She’s texted me from two new burner phones since then.

This one I just received was the most disturbing, as she admits to not only torturing the child, but also said that “any chance I have of killing (the girl) I’ll FINISH WHAT I STARTED. (The girl) ain’t gonna be around Nece (Denise the mother) forever.”

“Y’all really don’t think I’d kill (the girl)? She’s not safe as long as she’s in Mass, I promise you that.”

The Worcester Police should spare no expense in bringing the person who sent these text messages to justice. It’s 2019 – no one is really anonymous on a phone anymore. If I sent these messages to the White House I’d have Secret Service banging on my door within an hour. I’m not going to arrest until this lunatic is in jail. What are the cops waiting for exactly? Are they going to try to prevent crime or act on it when this woman inevitably hurts the child?

Lorrayna has also been sending messages to Denise’s friends with the same ass and pictures she sent me of Denise.

She needs to be brought to justice, and we won’t rest until that happens.


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