Abusive Stepmother Defies Restraining Order By Stalking 7 Year Old Victim Outside Reingold Elementary School In Fitchburg, Sends Me Pictures Of Bruised Child, Police Do Nothing


Today I continued to receive harassing, disturbing, and threatening emails from Lorrayna Calle, the Worcester mother of four who has a restraining order out against her by her 7 year old stepdaughter, the girl’s mother, and several other women, after beating the child and threatening to kill her. As usual, the numbers came from burner accounts, because this is just what this woman does. But today they contained images of the child that DCF concluded she assaulted and neglected in 2017.

These pictures were taken by the child’s mother Denise and sent to the child’s father Claudio “Sony” Calle, who now deals heroin. Because he’s an emasculated disgrace for a man he showed the pictures to his wife Lorrayna, who held onto them and sent them to me in order to show how proud she is that she injured a child like this. I blurred out the girl’s face, but her eyes are almost swollen shut. Lorrayna also cut her hair and intentionally made sure she got a sun burn.

I called Holden, Worcester, and Fitchburg Police today. Worcester Police went to her address on Sunderland Rd but since no one answered the door, that was the extent of their investigation. Mind you, I alerted them that over the last 24 hours I’ve received multiple text messages from this woman, explicitly stating that she is going to murder a child, who has a RO against her. This should be treated like the high priority emergency that it is. This woman openly disregards the law and gets away with it by not answering the door or her phone. It’s no wonder she openly violates these restraining orders – she knows there are no consequences.

I also called Fitchburg Detective David Daigle but have not heard back from him. He has  been investigating Lorrayna for almost two years now, and is giving Denise Ramos the runaround with emails like this today.

It’s a 7 year old girl being threatened with murder by a psychotic woman who has previously assaulted her. They’re just going to sit on their thumbs and hope to hear back from a phone supplier? You have to be kidding me. If the Fitchburg Police don’t have the resources to prove that she’s behind these text messages then they should hand the case over to a competent police department that actually believes that this emergency should be treated like one. There’s no such thing as anonymity in 2019, this woman isn’t a criminal mastermind, and it shouldn’t be hard to prove it’s her.

There is also no shortage of probable cause to make an arrest here. It’s blatantly obvious that it’s her behind the text messages, which she makes clear. They could make an arrest if they really wanted to.

Lorrayna Calle still has open charges against her for criminal harassment, annoying harassment by phone, and violation of an abuse prevention order.

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And it’s moving very slowly.

According to the statement of facts in the case, Lorrayna sat outside of Reingold Elementary School in Fitchburg where the little girl attends, and sent her grandmother picture text messages of the school, with the message “should I say HI?”

Yet despite this blatant violation of the RO, she hasn’t been arrested simply because she doesn’t answer the door when the police come to her apartment on Sunderland Road. (I’m very tempted to go and release that at this point).

How are teachers and students at Reingold supposed to feel safe and secure knowing this dangerous woman is sitting outside of the school stalking children? Have they been alerted to her presence by the FPD? Why is this not being treated like the emergency that it is? If my child attended that school and I wasn’t alerted of this danger there would be hell to pay. The police and school system are failing to ensure proper safety protocols for students and staff. I generally support the police, but not when they’re clearly dragging their heels and doing the bare minimum.

The statement of facts also say that Lorrayna forced the girl to drink urine and sit in urine soaked clothing.

They police clearly state in the complaint that Lorrayna is the one behind the messages and posts.

It also states that they traced some of her previous calls and text messages back to Lorrayna, despite the burner numbers.

So it’s not brain surgery to prove that it’s her.

Denise’s other family members are also being stalked by this violent lunatic as well.

Are the Fitchburg Police waiting for a 7 year old girl to get killed before they actually do something? It appears like they are. This is disgusting and Denise Ramos deserves justice for what she’s being put through.


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