Activist Judge Margaret Guzman Drops Charges Against Wealthy Suburban Cultists Who Blocked Ayer Train Tracks Over Climate Change


Environmental activists illegally blocked trains in Worcester, Ayer, and Bow NH, because they didn’t want the coal the trains were carrying to get to their destination.


This is why most normal people are starting to understand that climate change is a cult. It’s hard to take a movement seriously when it’s led by emotionally unstable lunatics spouting doomsday prophecies. These are the same people telling us the world will end in 11 years, and coastal cities will all be flooded, while President Obama buys an $11 million home just a couple hundred feet from the ocean.

When we see these protesters we see almost exclusively white people from wealthy suburbs. They disrupt the day for hard working, law abiding, taxpaying citizens, because that’s something you can afford to do when you have wealth and privilege at your disposal to buy your way out of trouble. Not one of these protesters lives in the blue collar town of Ayer, and for most of them it was probably their first trip there. Yet they were tying up valuable police resources, taking a sergeant away from a car crash, because they wanted to feel good about themselves. Meanwhile the citizens of Ayer who actually pay the taxes that go to the APD, are endangered by these carpetbaggers.

And that’s all this is really about – smug self-satisfaction. The train got where it was going, so their mission failed. All they’ve really accomplished is alienating anyone who might be inclined to sympathize with their cause. I don’t waste my time researching climate change because I see the ridiculous people protesting it and immediately dismiss them.

But because we live in Massachusetts there will be no punishment for this:

A judge dismissed charges against ten protesters accused of blocking a freight train delivering coal to a New Hampshire power plant in the early Sunday morning. The protest was part of a larger action over the weekend that stopped a train delivering coal to Merrimack Station in three places: Worcester, Ayer and Hookset, N.H. Merrimack Station is a coal power plant in Bow, N.H. Environmental activists wearing orange vests and bundled against the cold stopped a train in Ayer at about 3:45 a.m. on Sunday. According to Assistant District Attorney Andrea Kelly, police repeatedly asked 10-20 protesters with signs condemning the use of coal to get off the tracks.

Roger Rosen of Arlington; Alex Chatfield of Lincoln; Morgan Mead of Wendell; Nathan Phillips of Newton; Sabine von Mering of Wayland; Jim Mulloy of Salem; Paul Shorb of Lincoln; Alyssa Bouffard of Medford; Michael Delman of Wayland; and Steve Gag of Boston were arraigned in Ayer District Court on Monday. All faced one count of walking or riding on a railroad track, which Judge Margaret Guzman dismissed at the request of prosecution. Protesters said the other two people arrested in Ayer were Jeff Gang of Cambridge and Wen Stephenson of Wayland. They said neither were present at the arraignment, because they were in court in Concord, N.H., for charges related to a different protest against the power plant.

Climate change cultists are almost exclusively white people from wealthy suburbs.  Wayland, Cambridge, Arlington, Newton, Lincoln, and even the Western Mass hippie town of Wendell. You almost never see people of color joining in these protests, because to them people of color are just political props they can use to call their enemies racist.

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The message being sent by the judge is that you can break the law, so long as you do so in the name of a left wing political cause. Would the judge extend the same courtesy to a far right wing activist who chained themselves to a Planned Parenthood? Of course not, nor should they. In this state you are only allowed to block train tracks and highways if you’re a white person protesting climate change or police brutality.

A spokeswoman for the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office, Meghan Kelly, wrote in an email “the cases were dismissed based on the facts and circumstances.” Earlier Monday, before the charges were dismissed, Judge Guzman said she was considering decriminalizing the charges.

“I have not heard facts that would be so egregious that would cause me to alter my thought that this really needs to be treated more as a civil infraction, potentially,” she said.

Since when do judges get to decriminalize crimes? Marijuana was illegal in this state until lawmakers voted to decriminalize it. Judges are paid to enforce existing laws, not redefine laws as they go along.

Judge Margaret Guzman is a 2009 Deval Patrick appointee. She graduated from BU and worked as a public defender prior to that. So her entire career has been on the side of criminals. That was her world view before entering her new line of work.

She recently taught a class on “racial bias in the jury selection” at Clark.

Which tells you everything you need to know about her politics and he reasoning for dismissing these charges.

The man leading the protest is the one person who isn’t white – Nathan Phillips. No, not the d-bag who banged a drum in a kid’s face and then cried victimhood. This is another d-bag of the same name who is a professor at BU.

This is where AOC went to school. This is the kind of employee people like her pay $200K to learn from so they can go on to become bartenders and whine about school loan debt. It’s all starting to make sense now. From the looks of his Twitter he pretty much does this all day, every day.

“We will stop you.”

That’s a guy threatening to break the law because he knows he can. Welcome to Massachusetts.


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