Acton Woman Alleging Sexual Misconduct By 2 Cops Already Had Her Complaint Investigated, Has Frequent Run-ins With The Law, Wants Me To Apologize But Won’t Answer Questions


Yesterday we published a blog about a Worcester State student from Acton named Angelina Tawfeek, whose viral Instagram post alleging sexual misconduct on the part of two Acton police officers led to their suspension and pending investigation. She alleged two things:

  1. One officer put his penis on a table inside the Acton-Boxborough school resource officer’s office, then made a comment about finishing himself off in the nurse’s bathroom
  2. A second officer “groomed her” and then tried to sleep with her once she turned 18

The first allegation was criminal and was incredibly hard to believe. The second allegation was creepy, but not against the law. Additionally it appeared as if this girl had been drinking alcohol at 21+ nightclubs while still in high school.

I had my doubts that what she was saying was true, then she posted more things on IG that made me believe her even less. First was a vague post calling an unnamed Sgt a “dirty cop.” She asked her followers to “make him famous” by blindly sharing it.

“I’ll let social media do its thing.”

Most people who want justice let internal affairs and the courts do its things. Others value likes and shares.

Then she shared another post with a picture of 3 cops, one of who recently pulled her over for speeding. According to her they threatened to smash her window for no reason in order to intimidate her, presumably because she possesses top secret information that makes her a threat to the deep state!

So she’s unstable, likes to break the law, and cries uncontrollably during traffic stops. She’s almost as credible as Christine Blasey-Ford.

I took it upon myself today to contact the Acton Police Department and found out that Angelina has dozens of call logs under her name. She frequently speeds through town, yells at police officers, acts like an entitled princess, and then cries victim.

She also failed to mention that she already reported this alleged incident to the Acton Police two years ago, and they launched an internal affairs investigation that ended up with both officers being cleared. However, in light of the viral IG post the gutless Police Chief Richard Burrows announced that he was going to have DA Marian Ryan’s office investigate the non-incident instead.

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Keep in mind, Marian Ryan’s Office still has not completed their investigation into Mikayla Miller’s death, even though the medical examiners ruled it a suicide. There is no elected official more cowardly, and easily swayed by a mob, than Marian Ryan.

Angelina also allegedly spit in an officer’s face in North Carolina when she was 16 years old, leading to her arrest, according to something called Charlotte Alerts News.

Seems totally out of character for this otherwise stable young woman.

Angelina herself reached out to me yesterday on Facebook to tell me that my blog urging people not to jump to conclusions was really hurtful.


She offered no evidence at all that she was groomed, or that the incident with the dick on the desk at school happened, so I asked her some questions. She couldn’t answer them, and went on about how dangerous the police were.


She claimed that a teacher quit over the dick on desk incident, and that she lied to cover up for him. She alleged that they were pedophiles who were harassing her, and that one of them made empty promises to get in her pants.

But why did the teacher quit? How did she cover it up if she already reported it years ago? Thus far she had done nothing to make herself sound like a serious person making a serious allegation.

She then told me that no one saw the dick on desk incident, that she wasn’t doing this for attention, and that I owed her an apology.

But if nobody saw the incident then how does she know it happened? Why did a teacher quit over an incident they didn’t witness? Was he erect? Was he masturbating? Was he just standing there aimlessly with his balls on the table in an empty room before he was interrupted? And if this wasn’t for attention why did all her posts on social media specifically say she wanted people to share it for attention?

I asked her these questions.


She wouldn’t answer any of them, and instead asked me what I would’ve done in this imaginary situation.

Jesus Turtleboy!

Then she claimed that the teacher who was fired also covered for him, while offering no explanation or evidence to back any of that up.

After that she declined to come on the Live Show and blocked me on IG. Her account is now private.

Somehow this mentally unstable drunken coed who constantly breaks the law and has heated run ins with police is being taken seriously on a matter that has already been investigated two years ago, because a bunch of idiots shared her story on social media. Now people are urging State Senator Jamie “Captain Planet” Eldridge to jump in, since everyone knows he hates law enforcement and LOVES criminals.

This is exactly the kind of moron who would believe a person like this.

Screen-Shot-2016-05-27-at-10.43.56-AM (2)

Chief Burrows should grow a set of balls and stand by his officers instead of acting like a political hack and throwing them under the bus until the mob dies down.


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