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Acton Woman Tells Black Woman From Roxbury Looking For Hiking Partner That She’d Like To Take Black People For A Walk And Protect Them As White Allies 


This is Raina Small from Roxbury.

She joined a Facebook hiking group called Hiking Massachusetts because she wanted to start hiking, and she recently posted that she was looking for someone to go on a hike with her around Boston.

Kind of an odd request, but whatever. At least she’s getting exercise.

Then out of nowhere this woman showed up.

Rebeccah Wilson is a woke white woman from Acton, the home of ultra-woke creepster State Senator Jamie Eldridge. Acton is one of many Boston metropolitan area suburbs filled with white guilt social justice warriors who pretend to care about black people without being forced to live amongst them.

Her Facebook bio says that “liberty without socialism” is privilege.

Whatever that means.

She doesn’t like living around black people, but she makes up for it by virtue signaling with fundraisers for books that promote “underrepresented and oppressed groups.”

In response to Raina’s post about looking for a hiking partner Rebeccah wrote what is quite possibly the most woke thing ever written on the Internet.

Treating black people like pets that you can take for walks in the woods because you assume they need “white allies” in order to survive the ordeal of nature is quite possibly the most racist thing I’ve ever heard. There is no one more racist and awkward than a white suburban liberal trying to prove to black people that they’re an “ally.” If you assume that black people NEED you as a white person in order to survive a walk in the woods, then you clearly think very little of black people’s ability to function as adults.

White people who insist on using “BIPOC” unironically are the absolute worst, and studies show that they almost always have their preferred gender pronouns in their bio. But do you know who hardly ever uses the term BIPOC? Black people. So Raina had no idea what Rebeccah was talking about.

Others agreed with Raina that infantilizing people of color is the woke thing to do because people are being attacked for their own appearance on hiking trails across the country.

Of course that’s not even remotely close to being true and is simply a way for white people to elevate themselves and treat black people like pets.

Some folks did point out that her tone was a little bit racist and very bizarre. Rebeccah doubled down.

“Often black people don’t feel comfortable out in nature because they might feel unsafe.”

Thank God we have Becky from Acton here to act as the official voice of black people everywhere.

Of course there is no epidemic of black people feeling “unsafe” while going for walks in the woods. This is just a way for Rebeccah to judge a complete stranger by the color of her skin. Raina noticed and pointed it out to her.

Oh look, the black woman doesn’t feel like allowing her racial identity to define her as a person. But people like Rebeccah have a patriarchal attitude towards black and brown people, and they wrongly assume that black people need them and want them as “allies.”

This is all a result of everything that happened over last summer. White people were told they need to “shut up listen,” while also being told that “white silence is violence.” They are required to “do something” to fix racism, but the problem is they don’t know what that means, and this is how it manifests itself – Becky from Acton treating a black woman she doesn’t know as a pet she can take for a walk in the woods.

This is what the psychological effects of critical race theory look like, and why it must be resisted at all costs. When the only thing we focus on is race we became a more racist society. When being color blind is racist, white people are scared into focusing exclusively on the color of a person’s skin and allowing it to define them. Rebeccah Wilson is a mentally damaged prisoner of war who doesn’t know what to do or say, but fears being called a racist more than anything in the world. Ironically she revealed herself to be one in an attempt to do the opposite.


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