Acton Woman Tries To Get Gardner Cop Fired After Making Up Story About Being Drugged And Raped At Heywood Hospital, Pretended To Jump Off Tobin Bridge


In March we blogged about a woman from Acton named Angelina Tawfeek, whose viral Instagram post alleging sexual misconduct on the part of two Acton police officers led to their paid suspension and pending investigation. She alleged two things:

  1. One officer put his penis on a table inside the Acton-Boxborough school resource officer’s office, then made a comment about finishing himself off in the nurse’s bathroom
  2. A second officer “groomed her” and then tried to sleep with her once she turned 18

Both of these turned out to be completely baseless, and an investigation clearing the officers had been conducted over a year ago. But after Angelina’s post went viral the gutless police chief attempted to appease the mob and announced that the cops were put on leave.


Over the last 4 months this Ratchet Princess Jasmine has been messaging me erratically, asking if I could take the blogs down, pretending to be my friend, recanting her statements about the Acton Police officers, and pretending to kill herself by jumping off a bridge, and then repeating that cycle. At first she was confrontational.

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But then she began to pay me compliments, hoping the blogs would come down, before threatening deformation lawsuits.



Then she went back to small talk, offered me money to take the blogs down, and once again began spreading lies about the cops sexually harassing her.


Then came the “I’m gonna kill myself and make sure everyone knows it’s your fault if you don’t take the blogs down” threat, before reverting back to small talk.


Soon she was calling me bestie.


Then she showed me an email to the chief in which she tells them that she’s not cooperating in her own witch hunt against the officers unless she receives a written apology in the mail.


Then back to the ass kissing and explained why she was once arrested for spitting in a cop’s face.


Then she alluded to being suicidal and sent me a picture from the Tobin Bridge before saying that she wasn’t really suicidal, which she deleted before I could screenshot.


Luckily she was just looking for attention. The messages continued into July.


Meanwhile, in May reliable sources reported that two other Acton cops filed immediate threats on her within for driving around town like a maniac and tailgating a cop before speeding past him, and then two days later being involved in a road rage incident. On May 17 she was labeled an immediate threat and had her license taken away.

Now in August she somehow ended up 30 miles west on route in Gardner, where she is now accusing the Gardner Police of not doing anything when she was drugged and raped at Heywood hospital. She is attempting her followers to mobilize and get this officer fired, but forgot to say who he was, so it seems unlikely she will prevail this time. .

This chick is obviously insane and in serious need of psychological help, but in the meantime she’s a menace to society who successfully got two cops put on leave by making up lies about them. I expect to hear from her again shortly, and maybe she’ll finally come on the Live Show to discuss this weekend.



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