Adam Toledo’s Mother Made $52K On GoFundMe After He Was Shot By Police For Brandishing Gun, Was Gang Affiliated And Nicknamed “Lil Homicide”


Adam Toledo was a 13 year old boy shot and killed by Chicago Police on March 29. His mother Elizabeth was demanding answers, and portrayed her son as a lovable and innocent but troubled 13 year old boy.

“I just want to know what really happened to my baby,” Ms. Toledo said at a news conference on April 2, demanding transparency from law enforcement officials and expressing disbelief that Adam — who, she said, played with Legos and rode bikes with his siblings — would end up in what the police called an “armed confrontation.”

She raised over $50K with the GoFundMe.

He had gone missing before, and ran away from his home the night before. The next night Adam Toledo and a 21 year old gang banger started shooting at cars at 2:30 in the morning. Cops responded, Adam ran from the cops into an alley, turned around, the cop saw he was holding a gun, and he got shot a split second after he dropped it.

The media is portraying Adam as a loving 13 year old boy who just so happened to be running the streets and shooting guns with gang bangers at 2:30 AM. He wanted to be a cop and play with legos and shit, before the evil cop killed him.

It’s “systemic racism.”

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Pocahontas is right – we do need to “reimagine” the criminal justice system. For instance, why are so many violent felons with long records roaming the streets instead of sitting in a jail cell? Why isn’t DCF intervening since this mother obviously had no control over her child and did such a horrible job raising him?

Meanwhile, CBS News intentionally edited the body cam video to hide the gun, so the public would think the cops shot an “unarmed” 13 year old Latino kid.

Regardless of your political opinions affiliations, if you’re not upset that a major mainstream media outlet purposefully and intentionally edited a video of a kid getting shot in order to elicit a desired response, tear this country apart, and encourage inevitable rioting, then you don’t belong to the republican or democratic party – you belong to the media. You are their pawn.

But no one in the media would ever dare call out Elizabeth Toledo for raising a child like this. Instead she’s being portrayed as a loving mother trying to get justice for her son.

Except where was she when he was posting gang signs on social media and all his homies were calling him “Lil Homicide” and “Bvby Diablo?”

The cop wasn’t at fault. It was dark, the suspect was shooting his gun, the cop saw he was still holding it and he made a split second decision to shoot him.  But I also really don’t care if the cop was at fault or not, and quite frankly I’m getting sick of analyzing these videos. I’m supposed to care about these people who make poor life decisions and then analyze whether or not a cop who made a split second decision is the bad guy? Nah. The second you see you resisting arrest, running from the cops, or being involved in gang activity you should immediately lose sympathy for that person. There are millions of people out there more deserving of your time and energy. Kids with cancer and others who through no fault of their own died or are dealing with tragedy. If you’re a gang banging criminal who runs from the cops, resists arrests, and carries around illegal handguns, you’re not going to live to see 30. That’s just science.

Your kid doesn’t get like this by the age of 13 by accident, and this is the result of years of neglectful parenting. In a sane world the media would be scrutinizing these crying mothers and asking them where they were when their kids were running the streets and earning nicknames like Lil Homicide. But instead they pretend that the mothers are the real victims here because it fits their anti-police narrative. Stop buying into it.


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