Agawam Mother Abandons Son To Pursue Dream As MLM Scam Artist In Vegas, Starts GoFundMe To Get Custody Despite Making No Effort To Be A Mom


This is Jessica Brothers from Agawam.

She’s a girl boss Mom with a 7 year old son who’s really into fitness, even though she looks like a Shrewsbury 6 at best. Amongst the job titles that she has given herself are human biologist, nutritionist, and “board certified healthcare strategist.” She also started a company called “Under the Influence,” where she coaches people about how not to get fat.

Last September she decided to abandon her family to go to Dubai and pursue her dream of being a health and wellness coach, or something. This is a luxury mothers can afford to take when their children are beginning kindergarten. She never explained to her son where she was going or when she was coming back, didn’t visit or call on holidays, and had no idea that her son became sick. But she was going on a journey of self discovery so her needs came before those of her only child.

When Jessica was in Dubai she began networking with a bunch of MLM grifters who convinced her to move to Florida, and then Las Vegas, in order to grow her “business.” Now look at her!

She’s no longer at the bottom of the pyramid!

Meanwhile, her husband and son were back in Massachusetts. The father apparently wanted to keep the family together and visited her in April with the hope of convincing her to move back. But by then she was already brainwashed into the MLM cult, so he took their son back to the only home he knows by himself. You have to be a soulless waste of space to not want to be around your own child if you’re a mother. But I guess her “business” and networking friends in Vegas were more important.

After a while Jessica realized she missed her son though. Not for the love and affection, but more for the marketing and promotions because she used him in a lot of pictures and videos that she shares on her Facebook and IG accounts.

That’s where this guy comes in:

Mitchell McCormack is one of her new friends who lives in Florida and is the “CEO” of his bootleg glass blowing company, “Deep Thought Studios and The Limitless Liftoff.”

Mitchell is playing the “best friend” card with Jessica, in the hopes that there will be a pot of dry handjobs at the end of that rainbow if he’s really nice to her. And what better way to show the woman you’re secretly infatuated with that you care about her than raising money for her by selling sculpted glass hearts that nobody wants.

Mitchell also started a $50K GoFundMe for Jessica so she could get an attorney to divorce the man who raised her son while she pursued her dreams as an MLM trap queen, and get her son to move to Vegas with her.

According to the GFM, Jessica’s soon to be ex-husband fled the state with their son, without her consent, and she wants her son to be returned home.

Except the child’s home is in Massachusetts, and Jessica was the one who abandoned him. Mitchell must’ve forgot to include that while he was furiously masturbating to the idea that maybe he could one day he could use her child to promote his “business.”

One has to ask the question though – if Jessica’s business is going so well, then how come she can’t afford an attorney? She uses the child she abandoned as bait all over the fundraiser.

Nevertheless, she’s made over $1,800 off the grift so far, including a $500 donation from a guy named Bill Walsh, who is tagged in a bunch of her pictures.

It appears as if Bill the venture capitalist specializes in coaching his clients how to create an income stream after their divorce.

Step one – abandon your child and pretend to be a successful business owner.

Step two – start a GoFundMe.

Step three – end up on Turtleboy.

Bill comes with great recommendations himself:

Jessica is ironically speaking at a “wealth camp” with Bill, where she will teach people how to be “mega successful” business owners like her, even though she can’t afford to pay for her own divorce attorney.

If you’re dumb enough to pay these obvious scam artists to learn how to be rich then you don’t deserve to hold onto your money anyway.

Meanwhile, Jessica is shamelessly sharing the GFM, calling it “unconditional love” for her son.

“My son is everything to me.”

Shut up, you pathetic, attention seeking, narcissitic waste of space. Your son means nothing to you. That’s why it was so easy for you to abandon him and start a new life scamming the only people on the Internet who are dumber than you are. That’s generally how a pyramid scheme works.

Your son isn’t “grateful for support,” because he already has plenty of it at home with the only parent who gives a shit about him. No one cares if you’re “improving,” because the second you gave birth your search to “find yourself” no longer became important. This isn’t about you, it’s about him. If you actually loved your son you would move back to his HOME to be with him and take care of him. But you don’t. You just miss having him around so you can pose for selfies and boost your image as an independent girl boss mom running a successful “business.”

No one in her Vegas world knows the truth, which is why she had to delete all these comments calling her out underneath the post, including from her husband’s family.

Anyway, if Jessica, Mitchell, Bill, or any of these other wildly successful business celebrities would like to come on the Live Show Sunday night at 9 PM to pitch their product they are more than welcomed to. They can message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]. We’ll be talking about it either way, so if you wanna tune in click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Here is the GoFundMe again. There is a report button at the bottom of it, which you should feel free to hit because GFM bans “misleading” fundraisers. Since her husband did not take her son from his home, this whole thing is a lie.


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