Alex Reimer Censored By WEEI For Using Free Speech To Criticize Julian Edelman Documentary  


Last week WEEI’s Alex Reimer posted an article to WEEI’s website mocking the new Showtime documentary for Julian Edelman.

I don’t necessarily agree with his take that Edelman’s story is boring, considering that he was a 7th round draft pick who played quarterback at a school no one cares about, and has gone on to become a Super Bowl MVP, 3 time champion, and is arguably the most consistent receiver Tom Brady has ever had. He had arguably the greatest catch in Super Bowl history against Atlanta, as well as an underrated touchdown in their comeback against Seattle. He does all of this as a 5′ 9″ white guy at a position dominated by tall black men.

But Reimer is gonna Reimer. This is just his shtick. He doesn’t mean half the things he says, and he purposely tries to be outrageous because he desperately wants to be a left wing troll version of Kirk Minihane. It’s why he called Tom Brady’s daughter a pissant and got suspended after listeners clutched their pearls and pretended to be offended by this harmless comment. For the record, I have absolutely no problem with what he did then either because I’m a free speech absolutist and if you’re a multi millionaire who parades their kids and puts them on documentaries, people have the right to comment on it. His comment was just stupid and made no sense, but I will defend his right to say it.

Well, the next day this happened.

And just like that the article was gone. No announcement was made as to why, and as usual WEEI pretended like it never happened.

Then the next day we found out why.

WEEI is partnering with Showtime to promote the documentary. In other words, WEEI’s content and opinions are completely controlled by advertisers. They are essentially corporate run media. It’s exactly what happened when Minihane criticized Red Sox management – they told him he couldn’t do it anymore because the Red Sox pay the bills. Minihane refused to back down because he had a contract they couldn’t get out of, and options (Barstool) if he left. Reimer has no options. Where’s he gonna work? The Boston Globe? Huffington Post? Thus he has no choice but to shut his mouth and pretend like this never happened. If he complains about it openly he’ll lose his job.

This is why independent journalism is more important than ever, and why you should donate to websites you like to read. These are the only places where you can real opinions. You can’t trust anything WEEI puts out because you don’t know why they’re saying it. For all we know advertisers could be directing writers and radio show hosts what to say at the direction of corporate sponsors. You might not like or agree with Reimer’s takes, but his opinions shouldn’t be controlled by some gutless executive beholden to a corporate dictator.


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