Alicia Witt Let Her Parents Die From Cold Exposure In Rundown Worcester Home With No Furnace Or Roof That She Never Visited For 10 Years 


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You may recognize actress Alicia Witt as Piper’s post prison lover on Orange is the New Black, or as one of the Saviors who got outwitted by Carol and Maggie on The Walking Dead.

I didn’t know who she was, but apparently she’s from Worcester, which only became news a couple months ago because her parents were found dead in their West Tatnuck home in December.

According to the death certificates which were released last week, they died from exposure to the cold because their house was run down and had no heat.

According to Witt she tried to help but they wouldn’t let her. After not hearing form them she sent a cousin to the house with police, who discovered their bodies.

I drove by the house today to see what it looked it. The siding was falling off, the roof had a tarp on it, and the air conditioners were still in the windows.


A month after they died Witt posted this on Facebook:

So let me get this straight. She could come to Worcester for the funeral, but she couldn’t come to see them in Worcester for more than 10 years? She could see what the outside of their house looked like, but her parents told her that she wasn’t allowed in their house, so she just assumed things were OK inside? She had no idea that there was no heat inside the house, but all the neighbors seem to know about it?

Oh yea, she cares.

I don’t care if my parents told me not to come to their house. If I see it look like this:

I’m going inside. Period.

At the very least I’m not resting until I get someone over there to help them. Call a wellness check, do something. Instead they told her no and she just kind of threw her hands up in the air and went on with life. In the days while her parents were dying a painful death from exposure, Alicia was talking about cooking recipes with Mike Huckabee, bragging about new movies, doing book signings, selling Cameos, and going on the Tamron Hall Show.

But it’s cool, because she offered help. They just wouldn’t take it.

Her mother was once in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest hair.


Personally, I don’t trust the judgement of anyone who would live like that, so I’d keep a better eye on my parents and visit them more if one of them did that. Just sayin.


Just a week or so before they began to die she was a couple hours away at a convention in New Jersey, where she put up a plexiglass barrier to protect her from fans.

If only she cared as much about protecting herself from COVID as she did about protecting her parents from dying from the cold.

According to neighbors Alicia would just have a car come pick up her parents when she was in town, rather than visit the place she grew up in.

The only reason Alicia Witt is where she is today is because of her parents. They got her piano lessons, got her into acting, and sacrificed so that she could become a Hollywood actress.

Then she repaid them by neglecting them until they died, at which point she used them for sympathy on social media.

Hopefully when my kids get older they’ll care about my slightly more than Alicia Witt cared about her parents.


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