Alleged Victim Of Shrewsbury Home Invasion Has Been Running Sex Dungeon Cult In Basement, Preying On Vulnerable Young Women


Two years ago we received a substantial amount of messages about my former realtor Steve Levine, after he was portrayed in the media as the victim of a home invasion. As several people pointed out, Steve was involved in courting young women into a bizarre sex cult at his house in Shrewsbury, and the story he was telling the media have been related to that. Because of my personal relationship with Steve I elected not to write the story and handed it off to SSTG. I was hesitant after first because I had a good relationship with him, and it was the first time I was ever really tested about what I would do if someone I knew did something worthy of being blogged about. However, the fact that he had spread alarm in the community, claimed his assailants were people of color, was dismissive when I attempted to contact him about it, and

It’s still one of the most bizarre blogs we’ve ever published.


Last week on quiet, suburban Lamplighter Drive in Shrewsbury, a home invasion was reported to have happened in broad daylight. Here was WBZ’s coverage of it:

The homeowner says he’s lived in the quiet Lamplighter Drive neighborhood for more than 20 years and never had a problem until a knock at his door Monday and the nightmare to follow.

“They burst in, pinned her down. She screamed, I ran,” Steve Levine said.

“They grabbed me, threw me down. One of them pinned me to the wall with a knife in my throat which was really nice, saying, ‘You want to die? You want to die? You want to die?’ And I chose not to die at that time, I think that’s the right choice to make. And grabbed my wallet off the counter and took off.”

“I just don’t even understand it. Don’t understand it at all,” Levine said. “It’s scary. Because if it could happen to me it could happen to anybody.”

So she was pinned down and screamed, and he ran. Very chivalrous.

But something about the way he answered the questions in that video bothered me.

“And I chose not to die at that time, I think that’s the right choice to make.”

Just sounds way too scripted. Didn’t feel right. Plus, they stole his wallet? Who does an armed home invasion during the middle of the day in Shrewsbury and only steals a wallet? He can just cancel all his cards. And what if he had no cash in it? I hardly ever carry cash now.

Now check out the story he told Fox 25 News and NBC 10:

Steve Levine, who lives at the home, told NBC10 Boston there was a knock at the door, and his girlfriend answered it. The two suspects asked for him by name, according to Levine. That’s when he said they assaulted her and then threatened him with a knife.

“I heard her scream, ran into there, and one of them came after me with knives, so I grabbed a broomstick, didn’t get too far with that, broke it over his head, I think, didn’t do any good,” he told NBC10 Boston. “Somebody has a knife to your throat, they can take whatever they want.”

“I would have to say that they were there for a quick grab and run. If they were looking for more than that, they certainly had every ability to hold us down and go through the whole house,” he told Boston 25 News.

So now he’s hitting people with brooms? I thought he said he ran? She screamed, got pinned, and he ran. That was the story. Now he’s bringing out broomsticks?

Sure thing Ace.

Nothing about this story made any sense. Why would two random people invade his home during the day? Why did they ask for him by name? Because random victims of home invasion aren’t asked for by name. People who are the victims of home invasion almost ALWAYS know their assailants. At the very least they know WHY they were targeted. Something did not smell right about this story.

Here’s another thing – why weren’t the bad guys caught? A home invasion during the middle of the day and the bad guys flee on foot? The cops got there within 2-3 minutes. They set up a huge perimeter very quickly. They almost certainly would’ve been caught.

I’m sorry, a black and latino guy walking around Shrewsbury at that time when every cop and K-9 are looking for them? They’re gonna stand out like the Fall River Guttermuppet at the dentist. No way they get away.

The police also did not issue any sort of APB like they normally would in a situation like this. There’s an elementary school right near there that had not been released yet. Are you telling me the cops would’ve let them dismiss if they really thought two desperate and violent felons were in the neighborhood?

Nope. Something was up. Either it never happened, which would make this whole thing into a powderkeg considering he brought race into it. Or it happened and he knew exactly why it happened. If it’s the latter then how come they didn’t get caught? Well, your guess is as good as mine. All I know is, something’s up.

So we posted on a Shrewsbury community page asking people what they thought. It was overwhelming:

That’s when we started getting messages and emails from all sorts of sources. Like this one:

So that home invasion that happened the other day. What theyre leaving out because Steve didnt mention is that his house is full of 18-21ish year old girls that are basically his sex slaves. He got rich in real estate and he uses that money to get backpage type girls to live with him. He lets them stay rent free and gets them anything they want including drugs to keep them content until they realize what theyre doing and get out. He is on a sex website that I could provide you with that has thousands of photos and videos of his girls. He is careful to not show his face but you can hear him talking in tons them well they are performing sexual acts on him as well as lots of other things. There are also pictures of his motorcycle, house and other stuff that shows its him that he uploaded. This guy is a scum bag that acts like a decon of the church in public when really hes one step up from a rapist. Im asking around in the community he frequents to see what happened but ill guarantee one of the girls that use to live there told someone and they went after him. Hes had dozens of girls over the last few years.

He is a fucking lunatic predator. He goes to fetish events and I’ve met him and all his girls plenty of times. All those photos came from his account on from my understanding he uses the current girls to keep recruiting more of them. The ones in black are the current ones that live with him. He just posted that 4 days ago. 

It’s basically common knowledge in the fetish world that he does this. Honestly how else does a guy like that get a pack of attractive 18 year old girls to do that? Ive included a few videos for you from his page since you arent a paying member it wont let you watch them but as you can see there are thousands of pictures and videos.

Pretty serious accusation. But the emailer had evidence to back up their claims – the link to both his FetLife and Tumblr pages, both of which have been take down in the last 24 hours. And the pictures and videos (over 2,400 total) on there were not only extremely disturbing, but pretty telling. The home invasion story started to make sense quickly.

He calls his house the “House of Many Cums.” Obviously he put a lot of thought into that one. All the girls in the pictures appear to be very young. They are all wearing dog collars as well. 

Those are some of the very rare pictures you will see of them clothed.

We thought about whether to blur out their faces, but it’s important that we not do that. We need to know that this girls are of age and not on drugs. What if their families are looking for them? Do you recognize any of these girls? If so please message us or the Shrewsbury Police Department.

Because Turtleboy Sports is a family blog, and because Wordpress and Google Adsense don’t let you post pornography, we can’t share the images here. But luckily someone has created a Twitter account that documents the highlights. Do NOT click on that link!!

You clicked on it didn’t you? Even though we specifically told you not to!! Oh well, he’s the one who put it all out there. If you didn’t, here’s a summary of what you missed in the pictures:

  • Him using four naked girls as a foot stool while he watches TV.
  • Tons of pictures of him, a tattooed woman, and another guy tying them up with ropes in the basement which the girls painted red.
  • Tons of bruises and cuts, including one fanny that looks like it’s been sliced by razor blades dozens of times.
  • Girls in cages that are clearly wayyyy too small for them.
  • Images from Prospect Park in broad daylight of naked girls hanging from ropes in a some sort of stone gazebo.
  • A woman splattered in paint with dozens of clothes pins clipped to her bare skin, along with electrical patches that are used as some sort of torture device.
  • Tattoos that say, “I love Daddy.”
  • Girls with hooks literally up their bums while he penetrates the adjacent entrance with his yogurt slinger.
  • One picture of a naked woman in his living room, with a Frozen playhouse in the background and a sippy cup near her.
  • Lots of pictures of his gourmet cooking.

Keep in mind, he’s a respected realtor who has run for School Committee. When you put shit like this on the Internet, this is a risk you take. You intentionally chose to live dangerously, and in doing so you endangered not only yourself, but everyone in your neighborhood. Do you understand how fucked up a girl has to be to take part in this? Do you understand the crowd this will attract?

You’ll notice that he hardly appears in any of the videos or images. That’s because he has a reputation to keep in town:

Top agent for Remax! The “simple act of walking through the local school or grocery store, and having parents and ESPECIALLY children who’s lives he has touched run out to greet him is something no plaque could measure.”

He’s certainly built himself up into something!

So yea, if he goes through the grocery store he can’t have people say, “hey you’re the guy from the BDSM show.” That would be bad. But he’ll put the girls in pictures over and over again, because they have no souls. And once they finally snap out of this their faces will still be there for eternity.

Except he forgot about this picture:

And his dominatrix tattoo selfie:

And the fact that he shared an image of his bike on the fetish page:

And his “Daddy” bracelet:

There are 19 rules of the House of Many Cums, and they’re pretty INSANE!! Particularly rules 7, 9, and 10:

Just to review:

  • No spitting allowed, because he eats pineapples and the spunk tastes like a rum punch
  • If you’re chosen to receive the honor of wearing his collar you must leave it on whenever you leave the house
  • No fucking up adverbs
  • They are not allowed to open any doors

That last one is pretty interesting, since his “girlfriend” opened the door for the home invaders. No wonder he has that rule in place.

So yea, these women are all basically slaves. Except they technically signed up for this. Nevertheless, the testimonials some of them left are telling. They refer to him as “Sir”:

I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks this is fun has mega Daddy issues. These girls need serious psychological help. Instead he’s preying on them.


He left messages to his “subs” about how much he loved them too:

“You wear it as a reminder that you are owned.”

“My property.”

And yes, he brought his slave to his sister’s house for the holidays and they thought it was weird how she asked permission to have a drink. This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s one he wrote to another one of his “subs” who took the train in from Maine:


This is so fucked.

According to this one he celebrated the 20th birthday of one of his “subs”

Here’s another testimonial left by one of the subs, in which she writes about why the collar is so important to her:

These women are mentally ill. They have panic attacks when they leave his house!!! Think of how CRAZY that is!! He’s brainwashed them to FEAR leaving the house and living normal lives as COLLEGE STUDENTS!! They are in need of SERIOUS help from a doctor. Instead he convinces them that he is the only person who can make them happy via sex slavery.

Here’s another journal entry from one of his subs, in which she explains that red has been a triggering color for her, because she is a cutter. Luckily he made her love the color red, because he taught her how much fun pain can be:

If you’re a cutter, you need a doctor, not cream of mushroom soup.

And yes, this right here is role playing, but it’s still pretty disturbing:

50 Shades of Shrewsbury is gonna be a hit at the box office.

Then later today we got a Facebook message from someone who has been in that house before:

If you would like to know the true real story of what is actually happening at Steve Levine house at 63 Lamplighter Drive, please feel free to give me a call at **********. I will give you a full exclusive and work something out with you if you prefer not then I will go to a different new source but it’s time for it to come out and trust me I can tell you everything. I will tell you what’s happening with the girls in the house when it started how it started, how he does it, what he looks for, how he dominates that gives them that Daddy feeling and a sense of security and a place to live, things lead into then the trust, drugs manipulation, fear to the extent of the inability to leave, girls being put in cages, tied up, and I’ve seen some as young as 16 who knows at this point how much younger but I do know there’s a child currently present at times. And yes I have photographs please get in touch with me if you are even slightly interested because this is going to break wide once I give you or another news source all the details.

So we called this woman up and here’s what she alleged (key word – alleged):

  • She has pictures of him blowing cocaine, which he has the girls do in order to get them to clean the house.
  • She has pictures of whipit bottles that he and the girls do together.
  • He initially tried to have a relationship with some sort of hooker, but she ended up introducing him to this underground world and they began working together.
  • He specifically looked for girls who were damaged goods, or “weak girls” as the tipster told us.
  • He was thrown out of a BDSM convention (which she believes was in New Hampshire) because he refused to untie a woman he was doing a demonstration on.
  • As you can see in a couple of the photos filled with naked girls in the house, there is a Frozen playhouse in the living room along with a sippy cup. It would appear to the common eye that a child is living there, which the tipster told us was true. However, she could not say this with absolute certainty.
  • She was brought down to the basement where all the ropes, electrical shock units, machine dildos, and other fun stuff is located, and was subjected to seeing the girls naked. She did not ask for this and she felt uncomfortable. She also was shown naked sexual pictures of the girls on his computer, which she said made her feel uneasy.
  • They’ve taken in many foster kids over the years.
  • The girls are told they cannot leave. One of the girls is a college student who left her dorm, and her parents do not know she was living there. Our source received a phone call from one of them on one occasion, and she told her, “please help me.” When the source arrived Steve Levine played it off like it was all part of the fun.

Does he have a right to do this? Sure. If the women are of age, and they consent to take part in this insanity, that’s their choice. This is America and if you wanna be like this in the bedroom then it’s none of my business.

But you make it my business when you put it on the Internet. And you make it the community’s business when you become the “victim” of a home invasion. Because make no doubt about it – if someone came to his house, it was directly related to this. More than likely a brother, friend, or boyfriend of one of his former slaves who escaped. Many homes in that neighborhood look alike. What happens if they go to the wrong house next time? Don’t his neighbors have a right to know this is going on? This is not good for property value.

More importantly, if he’s giving them drugs, then it’s no longer consent. It’s intentionally altering their minds for his pleasure. These girls are human beings. They are someone’s daughters and sisters. They need help. Only a very selfish individual would specifically target people like this for his own pleasure.

It’s also important to point out that he has a family. This is why we did not want to write about this – because we wanted to spare his family the embarrassment. But the cat was out of the bag and everyone found his Tumblr page. At this point it’s common knowledge. Steve Levine is the reason this is a story, not Turtleboy.

Anyway, there’s a lot more but this is long enough as it is. We’re not sure if anything illegal is going on here, but at the very least it deserves to be investigated. The bottom line is he brought this upon himself. He wanted to live dangerously and this is what happened. This was a risk he took. He did not think about the effect it would have on the girls, his neighbors, his community, or his family. The whole town of Shrewsbury has been shitting their pants, and police resources were wasted on this self-created nightmare.

P.S. Here’s some more random stuff from his Tumblr page, and more journal entries. He’s a real popular guy in the BDSM world….


















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