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Allie’s Donuts Ends Military And Police Discount On 76th Anniversary Of D-Day, Blames Police For Racism


Allie’s Donuts is a popular eatery in North Kingstown, RI that is all over the news today because they elected to post this to their social media accounts on the 76th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

The worst part about it was the condescending “thank you for your service,” while spitting in the faces of those who risk their lives to keep us free and safe. Police officers across the country are kneeling in front of protesters, degrading themselves, and this is the effect. Stop trying to please these horrible people. They will never be satisfied.

Local police cannot stop cops in Minnesota from doing bad things. All they can do is continue to treat people fairly and enforce the law, which they have been doing. If Allie’s Donuts ever has a problem they will immediately call the police, and the police will still come because they are better people than the ingrates who own and work at Allie’s Donuts. And yes, if you work there you are just as bad as the owner.

Because they’re extremely popular the post blew up and they ended up taking it down. Then they issued this “apology” that was really just them doubling down.

“If you felt offended or insulted.”

Translation – it’s your fault if you interpreted that our message disrespecting the police was actually us disrespecting the police.

“You may have misunderstood our meaning.”

Now, we got your meaning loud and clear. You lump all police and military together, despite the sacrifices they’ve made to protect us, and you think it’s OK because a black guy was killed in Minnesota. You’re not “standing up” for black people by degrading law enforcement. You’re just being a dickhead.

If you stand by your statement then it’s not an apology.

They’re not just jerks about race either. They also posted this yesterday.

This is like a lesson in what not to do on your social media accounts if you own a business.

Matt Drescher is the virtue signaling owner who elected to do this.

Today his business is being flooded with customers and supporters because of his public stance crapping on law enforcement and military.

That’s the really disturbing part about this – he did this to drum up business. He took advantage of the death of a black man and the ever increasing hatred of police in this country to try to make money. What a worthless, vile shell of a man Matt Drescher is.

I encourage turtle riders to completely destroy this man’s business. He deserves to be destitute. I won’t stand by anymore and allow corporations, businesses, institutions, and politicians to endanger law enforcement by spreading vile rhetoric that is getting police killed.

Click here to flood their Facebook page with negative reviews. But more importantly, click here to flood their Google reviews with negative reviews. He can delete his Facebook page or get rid of reviews, but if he gets enough bad reviews on Google it will drastically affect their SEO and you can’t get rid of the bad reviews. Remember to emphasize that he did this on D-Day.

Normally I’m not a cancel culture guy, but at this point it’s clear that we are at war with these cop-hating anarchists. If we are to defeat them we must use their tactics.


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