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Amesbury Mom Upset That Son Was Cut From Soccer Team Seeks Revenge By Getting Elected To School Committee, Tries To Cut AD Who Wouldn’t Let Him Make Team


An Amesbury mother and former School Committee member just set the bar for worst helicopter parent of all time. It’s kind of a log story, so here’s the bullet points:

  • Former Amesbury School Committee member  Gretchen Marinopoulos’ son was cut from the varsity soccer team in August of 2016
  • She emailed coach Luke Alley asking to let him on the team
  • Alley brought the email to the attention of AD and vice principal Glenn Gearin who forwarded it to the superintendent and principal of Amesbury High School
  • The principal and AD both told Gretchen that they couldn’t make the coach put the kid on the team, largely because he obviously wasn’t very good, so she went above their heads to speak to the superintendent.
  • After that she got elected to the School Committee, which made her the superintendent’s boss.
  • When she didn’t get her way she spent the next two years busting the athletic department’s balls about their budget, complained about red cards accrued in soccer games, who was getting playing time in games, and discussed the cancelation of fall sports.
  • She was the only school committee member to voice any concerns, and athletics was the only department she relentlessly scrutinized
  • She then began to try to cut the AD/VP’s position in order to get revenge on the ma who didn’t let her untalented child play for a competitive team, but she was overruled.
  • An independent investigator concluded this week that she targeted the AD in a personal capacity, not for professional reasons
  • The emails proving this were leaked by the mayor’s office to the newspaper, and Gretchen launched a $9,000 investigation to find out who leaked the emails she sent
  • The investigation ended up showing that she was quite possibly the worst helicopter parent of all time

And there was a GoFundMe of course:

Yes, that’s right – they started a GoFundMe so she could get the report that confirmed that she’s a psycho helicopter Mom who couldn’t get over the fact that her crotch fruit couldn’t kick a ball as well as other people’s crotch fruits. They raised $585 to get it, after already wasting nearly $9K in taxpayer money on an investigation that ultimately ended with her being the villain.

This woman should know better too, since she’s a teacher herself.

Teachers are supposed to have each other’s backs. We’re all in this together, and we all hate overzealous parents who think their children can do no wrong. Guaranteed this woman refers to herself as a “Momma bear,” which makes her think she can get away with acting like this.

This is what we’re dealing with here.

She uses every SJW Facebook filter since 45 got into office.

She also attempts to be woke, but does it completely wrong.

Newsflash – saying “all lives matter” is the cardinal sin for Karen’s everywhere. Even I know that. Nothing makes the black lives matter folks more angry then when some white liberal woman says, “all lives matter.” Might as well start dropping n bombs. This is a prime example of keeping it woke gone wrong.

Parents like this are the absolute worst. So your kid didn’t make the soccer team. Get over it. But the fact that this woman got onto the school committee, seemingly for the sole purpose of cutting a man’s job because of a three year old grievance, is new level psychotic.


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