An Anonymous Emailer Sent Me A Graphic Death Threat Explaining How I Will Die Along With A Picture Of An Armor Piercing Bullet With The Subject “Shut Down Your Entire Site”


Today I received yet another anonymous death threat via anonymous email from email account [email protected] Before publishing this blog I did an impromptu live show statement on YouTube analyzing it. I’m also writing this blog about it, but in the future I’m going to exclusively share content like this on YouTube, and you’re going to miss it if you’re not subscribing to our channel. Quite frankly I’m embarrassed that we only have 4,200 followers and Josh Abrams is sitting in jail with 10,000. Please take two seconds and hit the subscribe button on our channel by clicking here

I get death threats a lot, which is what happens when people are too cowardly to debate you or confront you face to face. They send anonymous emails hoping to intimidate you from speaking freely, but they fail every single time. I don’t give into terrorists, and I will not give up my First Amendment rights because some anonymous cowards figured out how to create a GMail account. I’ve only been confronted by two people in my six years of Turtleboy Sports – Julius Jones and WANDA. I don’t particularly care for either of them, but at least they had the minerals to express their grievances to my face.

This threat came with the subject headline “Shut down your entire site.” Hard pass on that one. I don’t give into terrorists who send me pictures of sniper bullets.

And please, for the love of God, do something about those fingernails. All you’re doing is proving that everyone we blog about is disgusting and slovenly.

Although I’m not deterred in the least bit, I still take threats like this seriously and have reported this individual to Holden Police. These people create burner accounts and think they’re anonymous, and they are to an extent. But no one is completely anonymous on the Internet, and if the cops wanna find you, they’re going to find you. I don’t know if HPD possesses the ability to figure this out as it likely very complicated, but if they can’t then another law enforcement agency will. I’m curious to hear from LEO’s or court people who have dealt with stuff like this to hear what it takes to find out who did this. Email me at [email protected] if you have any info.


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