AOC And Ayanna Pressley Just Helped Raise Over $17K In Bail Money For Josh Abrams And Antifa Despite Assaulting Police And Burning American Flags


As we blogged about earlier, perpetually unemployed Josh Abrams, who was recently arrested on several felony charges, was arrested again today in Boston at the straight pride parade after being rejected by both Antifa and the police. However, it looks like his bail will be paid for on Tuesday (Monday’s a holiday, which makes this even better) thanks to help from a friend.

Yes, that’s right. AOC, who has 5.3 million followers, is sharing links to a fundraiser to bail members of Antifa out of jail for the chaos they caused in Boston today. She learned it from the Ringo Starr of the “The Squad.”

Well, they’ve done the impossible – they found a way to make me defend the cucks who ran the straight pride parade. This is why it’s impossible for me to ever vote democrat in the foreseeable future – these are their thought leaders. People who go to bat for Antifa terrorists and other criminals. John Hugo, Mark Sahady, and Samson all really just need to get laid, and are trying to jump on the self-victimization train. But white supremacists? They’re just losers. Can’t we leave it at that? Can’t we just make fun of them and move on with our lives?

That’s what a rational person would do, but AOC and her followers are not rational. It’s really simple to them – everyone they don’t like is a white supremacist, and everyone who uses violence to stop them is an inherently good person. A modern hero even. Someone worthy of your hard earned money so that they don’t have to pay their own bail for committing a crime. Let’s look at some of these “very fine people.”

Here’s a video of Antifa protesters blockading the street so that a permitted parade could not get through.

Here’s some of the Antifa AOC is trying to bail out of jail chanting “bottoms and tops, we all hate cops.”

Here they are chanting, “cops and the klan go hand in hand.”

Here they are assaulting a reporter from the Blaze, which of course they consider a Nazi publication because it’s conservative.

And here they are referring to themselves as “comrades” for burning American flags.

These are the people that two of the most well known democratic members of congress are using their platforms to bail out of jail. They’ve raised over $17,000. Sure, she could’ve used her access to 5.3 million people to raise money for a kid with cancer or someone who is worthy of charity. But instead she chose to raise bail money for a bunch of masked, violent criminals who got arrested for breaking the law. If you vote blue in 2020, this is what you’re supporting. Hate on Trump all you want, but this is your team now.

Anyway, props to the Boston Police for enforcing law and order today. This isn’t Portland. There’s a reason Antifa isn’t big around here – because our police forces won’t allow it. If you break the law in our city, you’re going to jail. And “The Squad” won’t be there to bail you out every time you do.


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