AOC Gets Trolled Into Threatening Dave Portnoy With Power Of The Federal Government Over An Obvious Joke About Crushing Unions


As much as I’ve criticized Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy for selling out by being less controversial, hiring terribly unfunny “personalities” I’m supposed to care about, blogging about Rihanna, and catering to the PC crowd with less edgy content, he is still a marketing genius. And nothing sells better than being the guy that social justice outrage mobs are coming after. Look at people like Ben Shapiro, Kirk Minihane and people who have become the target of outrage mobs – they all benefit from it. Because no one likes outrage mobs, so when they get outraged about something it attracts people who didn’t know these people existed prior to the outrage.

What Portnoy has always been good at is getting radical left wingers to lose their minds. He built his company on feminist outrage, which draws attention to him and gets people to read Barstool whether they love it or hate it. Doesn’t matter to him because every click is cash money, and most people hate feminists anyway.

But yesterday he bagged America’s most infamous SJW – AOC.

Google her name right now and watch what comes up.

Here’s what happened.

It began when Portnoy saw that The Ringer employees were talking about unionizing. Portnoy has this ongoing joke about unions ever since Gawker writers voted to unionize in 2015 (and went out of business shortly thereafter). Basically the joke is, “if you unionize I will crush you,” so he tweeted out the old blog two days ago.

BAHAHA! I hope and I pray that Barstool employees try to unionize. I can’t tell you how much I want them to unionize. Just so I can smash their little union to smithereens. Nothing would please me more than to break it into a million little pieces. Oh you think you deserve health insurance? You don’t think you should have to work with squirrels in the office? You don’t think I should duct tape Hank to the walls? Well now yis can’t leave! No more free water! No more vacation days! I’m gonna dump rats into the walls! You haven’t seen anything yet! Unionize Nate! Unionize Trent! I dare you!  Trent you’ll be back working security at Walmart in a blink of an eye! KFC will be doing my accounting! No more fancy pants weddings! Hank will be an exhibit at the Museum of Science!  UNIONIZE I DARE YOU!

Obviously it’s a joke. There’s be nothing he could do to stop his employees from unionizing since there are laws that prevent him from doing that. And luckily for him his employees seem content because they work for a guy who only cares about them making him money, and he probably compensates them more than fairly since Barstool is rolling in cash. Happy workers don’t unionize historically, which was Henry Ford’s entire business model.

Of course the woke blue checkmarks on Twitter are humorless and don’t understand satire, so some guy named Rafi with 5,000 followers and a blue checkmark announced that any Barstool employees who wanted to unionize could contact him.

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This of course is exactly what Portnoy wants, since he has almost a million followers but Twitter won’t give him a blue checkmark. He wants his jokes to go over people like Rafi’s head so he can make more jokes. Now he can keep the joke going, double down, and present himself as the little guy (he doesn’t have a blue checkmark) getting attacked by virtue signaling blue checkmarks. Rafi wasn’t the only one.

Thousands of these people fell for it. Naturally Portnoy responded with more satire.

Again, he can’t fire an employee for contacting someone. He doesn’t even care about politics. He just likes to troll and get people going, which is exactly what he did. He sparked a debate about unions vs. no unions and in doing so got himself trending on Twitter.

The outrage mob proudly announced that they had taken screenshots in case he took the tweet down.

But again, he’s not taking it down because it’s a joke!!

Then this stable genius showed up to threaten Portnoy with the power of the United States government.

Every day I think the stupid ceiling can’t get any higher, but she finds a way to prove me wrong. This woman is a member of congress, and she’s wasting her time falling for satirical tweets on Twitter. The fact that this could take up one moment of her day shows you just how unfit she is for office.

The AFL-CIO was next to fall in line.

This led to lawyers telling Barstool employees that they can reach out to them for pro bono work to unionize, which Portnoy again made a joke about.

But of course none of them actually reached out to him to unionize, because they know they work for an entertainment website, their boss wasn’t being serious, and they have a good job that pays them well.

They made a video mocking the idea of unionizing.

Everyone who gets it is laughing at the AFL-CIO, AOC, and everyone else who takes themselves this seriously. The jokes just never ended.

People who aren’t on Twitter don’t understand how big AOC is. She has 5.1 million followers, far more than any other member of Congress. She’s formed a cult of like minded individuals on there who get outraged about everything, which is exactly what Portnoy wanted – attention. He thrives on being the guy that the mob is coming after. Naturally he capitalized on the newfound AOC fame.

Then Donald Trump Jr. jumped in, because AOC is the straw that stirs the drink.

Trump Jr. has almost 4 million followers who lean the opposite way of AOC, which in turn puts more eyeballs on Portnoy. Here we have two political adversaries (one of who gets the joke and the other one who doesn’t) debating politics over a guy who probably doesn’t vote because it interferes with his busy schedule of laying by the pool and eating cheese pizza.

The mere fact that these two are arguing over him is the best thing that could ever happen to a business. The monetary value that comes along with being dragged by AOC on Twitter, and then thrown in the middle of a dispute with the President’s son, is something you can’t buy. I would pay a King’s ransom to have AOC drag me, because I’d have millions of new followers in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter if they hate you or love you, as long as they’re talking about you. Dave understands this, so he made another joke to keep it going.

“Our countries Presidents” refers to him (El Prez) and Trump, the actual President. Again, it’s a joke. He tagged POTUS because he’s smart, and he understands that if Trump ever started talking about this he would make even more money. I’d say there’s a 50/50 shot Trump does tweet about it does once Portnoy gets invited back on Tucker Carlson for the 58th time.

The result of this is new followers for Portnoy, tons of traffic which generates ad revenue, and of course a new reason to sell t-shirts.

But wait, it gets better.

Months ago Portnoy created another Twitter handle @Bss1234561. It’s obviously him and he doesn’t exactly hide it. The account exists to praise Portnoy 24/7 and Portnoy retweets it. Naturally his alter ego had to jump in the pit.

Portnoy always responds to his other account and thanks it, thus making it clearly obvious that it’s him.

Again, it’s a joke. But the blue checkmarks had to jump in and call out what we all saw was plainly obvious, but still found amusing.

This humorless man is a Democratic Strategist, Consultant, and Political Adviser to Hillary Clinton, and is now trying to get both accounts banned from Twitter.


I’ll admit, I must tip my hat to him for this one. This was almost as brilliant as getting arrested at NFL headquarters. This is the kind of content that made Barstool great, and I wish they’d do more of it.


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