Armed Woman Arrested In Gloucester For Trying To Lure Kids From Their Yard Has Been Terrorizing The Entire Town After Previously Doing This In Harlem


There is a deranged woman walking the streets of Gloucester who has been terrorizing adults and children, and she was recently arrested after threatening some kids playing in their yard with a gun.

Her name is Hillary Louise Rose, and she has quite the ratchet resume.

A Gloucester woman was arrested Friday for causing a disturbance after approaching two children on Friend Street, police say. Hillary Louise Rose, 50, of 50 Taylor St., was charged with disorderly conduct as well as on an active warrant that was out for her arrest. Gloucester police received a call from the area of Friend Street around 5:45 p.m. on Friday for a suspicious woman causing an issue. Prior to the call, Officer Christopher Genovese had been sent to 50 Taylor St. for a report of a woman who was out of control. The woman was identified as Rose, who is known to Gloucester police for a history of unruly behavior, police said. She was located on Friend Street near Bent Street, and was yelling and swearing random statements, according to police. 

An incident report says that as officers apprehended Rose, an unidentified man and woman came running down the street to tell them that Rose had approached his child and a friend while they were playing in the man’s yard. He wanted the officer to speak with his girlfriend who had witnessed the incident.mOnce Rose was booked at the station, Genovese spoke with the mother of the 8-year-old who had been involved in the incident. The mother said that while her child and their friend were playing in the yard, Rose approached them and started to talk to them about shaken baby syndrome before asking the kids to “come here for a second.”

When the mother saw what was happening, she approached Rose, who began to come toward her in an aggressive manner, the woman told police. The mother then told Rose she was going to call the police, to which Rose allegedly responded that she had “a dirty cop in a bag” and began singing songs.  According to Genovese’s report, Rose, during booking at the station, told officers that White Vulgar was her father and she was in the Irish Mafia. She also told them Kate Middleton was married to Harry Potter. She refused all aspects of the booking process, police said, but after a search, officers found a 40-ounce bottle of beer, along with several full and empty nip bottles on her, as well as a razor knife.

Evidently this is just kind of this Hillary Rose’s M.O. Five years ago she was living in Harlem and was well known for this type of behavior.

An emotionally disturbed woman has been threatening children and attacking moms on West 118th Street and fed-up neighbors say authorities have done little to stop her. Hillary Rose, who lives on the block between Lenox and Seventh avenues, is so erratic and violent that several people have orders of protection against her, residents said.

“She jumped up and hit me in my face the whole time screaming ‘I’m going to kill your daughter, I’m going to kill her,’” neighbor Evon Hekkala said of an encounter with Rose that happened last winter.

After the assault, Rose was arrested and released from a hospital within a couple of weeks. Hekkala got a restraining order against her, which she shared with DNAinfo. Many residents of 118th Street have a story about Rose. Most say she is mentally unstable and because she is not being treated, her behavior is getting increasingly violent. While some would like to see her locked up, most say she needs medical attention.

“This is not someone who is just a little cuckoo and talking to herself. This is a level way beyond that,” said Sally Hard, who lives right next to Rose’s building.

Hard’s first encounter with Rose was one day after she moved onto the block nearly a year ago. She heard the neighbor knocking on the living room window and screaming at her.

“It was pretty bloody scary,” she said. “I sort of yelled at her to go away and quickly realized it didn’t matter what I had done, she was in another place. She ran out onto oncoming traffic screaming, she threw herself onto the hood of a car and started cursing at the driver.”

Several residents have written letters to the District Attorney’s Office asking them to help.

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“I have watched her follow a mother with a baby in a stroller screaming, ‘I’m going to kill you and your child,’”wrote Jack Llewellyn-Karski.

“The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is that it seems that she could do anything, then claim to be mentally ill and be released as if she has done nothing wrong,” he said. “These are criminal activities, regardless of her mental condition.”

After a woman posted that picture over the weekend dozens of people started coming forward with similar stories from around Gloucester, just like the ones from New York.


Here’s a video of Hillary’s typical day walking the streets of Gloucester while threatening to kill a woman if she doesn’t fill out her census bureau form.

If this woman isn’t the poster child for why we need to bring back mental institutions then I don’t who is. Clearly she is mentally ill, and not in the fun way either. She’s dangerous to children crazy. I have no idea how she brought her talents from Harlem to Gloucester, or where she lives, or who takes care of her, but someone must. I find it hard to imagine that this woman has a job, but yet she finds a way to survive so someone must be paying her. Either way, it seems like she’s a ticking time bomb and even though she’s insane she’s also a very serious danger to kids, so why can’t she be put in jail and kept there on account of her being an immediate danger to the public? Seems like that would be a wise thing to do considering she carries weapons and around with her and lures children from their front yards.


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