Ashburnham Residents Call Police, Fear For Their Lives After Comments They Made In Public Facebook Group Threatening Children Were Screenshotted And Appeared On TB


Editor’s Note: I will be having Nate Comeau, Ashburnham candidate for School Committee, on the live show tonight at 9 PM to discuss how he’s become public enemy #2 in town, after me. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9.

Yesterday I published a blog about teachers in the Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District who liked and/or commented with their support under a post by a woman named Hanifa Nelson-Kamau, threatening the biracial children of a man named Nate Comeau who is running for School Committee. Their justification for doing so was that Nate Comeau had spoken at a previous meeting and expressed concern about the politicization of elementary school curriculums. For this he had to be destroyed and his children “stomped” on the playground by “freedom fighters.”

I will not remain silent when I see children threatened by adults, and their teachers condoning it. I will use my platform to call out those who amplify this sort of hatred and depravity, because white silence is violence.

These people who cheered on a woman as she threatened children are now painting themselves as the victim because I wrote about their disgusting, vile behavior. People attempted to justify the behavior of the woman who threatened the kids, claiming that she “no doubt had to deal with discrimination throughout her life,” because she was black. To white people like Wendy Feen, black people still can’t eat at the same lunch counters as white people in Ashburnham.

It wasn’t the woman’s fault, it was white people’s fault for making her upset.

Nate lashed out like a father, and used some choice words to respond to the Hanifa. For these people that was disqualifying.

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She threatened his kids, and then when he defended their honor they blamed him for using potty words. Get bent Melanie.

In the wide open Ashburnham Residents Facebook group that anyone can see, the admin Pat Stewart said that everyone in the group was in danger because I posted screenshots of disgusting things they said in an open forum on the second most trafficked website in the world. She actually called the cops over it.

No one sent them to me Pat. You forgot to make your group private. That’s not how the Internet works dear.

There is nothing these people won’t victimize themselves over. They act like uncivilized savages, cheering on violence against children because they disagree with the political opinions of their parents, and then they whine about how their lives are in danger when someone calls them out on it.

There were demands from members of the group that all TB blogs be removed immediately. Pat got right on it, but not before milking the goats.

The life of a woke Ashburnham Facebook moderator is not as easy as it looks.

For people who want the police defunded they sure don’t mind calling them over some nonsense though.

“They have already violated privacy, copyright, and other internet laws.”

No. Just no Pat.

According to her I was lying.

I just screenshotted comments on the page that other people posted. That’s it.

Mary-Kate said I don’t have the best interest of the kids at heart.

But then again, I’ve never gotten excited about the idea of children getting stomped on the playground, so I can’t be that bad.

Pretty much everyone in the group agreed that Turtleboy was the real problem here, not adults threatening kids.

“Community members are getting death wished upon them.”

No they’re not. But kids are definitely being threatened by a woman who Brooke would never DARE criticize because the woman is a self identified black lesbian. When you find yourself having to go to the comments section to find something offensive because you can’t find anything offensive in the content that I published, you’ve lost any sort of point you’re attempting to make.

Then there was Mike Esposito, who previously had a lot to say about TB.

But I guess he doesn’t like it when people fire back, because he’s mad that I referenced his comments “without permission” and seems to think that his Facebook page was private.

“I don’t have anything on there set to public.”

Well, you did yesterday Spanky. The pre-op photos are hot too.

One commenter wisely pointed out that there would be no ramifications for Turtleboy because I did nothing wrong, and that the real problem was teachers who liked that post.

But according to Brooke Aubin she was wrong because “people have gotten death threats sent to their homes, had their personal information exposed and leaked, and worse.”

Yea, that never happened. Nor is the speaker responsible for the actions of the people who listen to the speech, so long as the speaker does not instruct the listeners to threaten or hurt other people.

Brooke was pretty convinced the blog would be coming down though.

Sorry bootleg Taylor Swift, that’s not how the Interwebz works.

Congrats on being the reason women couldn’t vote until 1920 though.

One woman did post the blog to alert people people that they might be in there.

She was attacked by the mob for getting me clickbait revenue, despite linking a site that’s been banned from Google AdSense and makes almost no money that way.

Then Andrew Rudick suggested that people featured in the blog kick it up a notch and contact the FBI.

Sorry Andrew, but they’re a little bit busy right now trying to dox people for being outside the Capitol on January 6 wearing red hats.

Andrew is also an expert on the First Amendment and believes it doesn’t apply to me.

Yes, it is a crime to target, threaten, and harass citizens. Luckily I did none of those things. I just screenshotted things they said and criticized them for doing so.

Then he had the comment of the day after someone pointed out that I have a pretty solid track record in court.

“Lost on some motions for temporary restraining orders.”

No, I have not.

“Waters vs. Facebook Inc et all including Kearney will be interesting for sure. Guy is a walking liability.”

Rian Waters was arrested for violently beating the mother of his children and killing their dog. He sued me and lost, tried to get harassment orders and criminal complaints filed against me and lost, and is now trying to sue Facebook and Google in federal court and it’s not going very well for him. So no, it won’t be interesting at all, but your consistent support of people who abuse women and children is duly noted Andrew.

Then there was this sexy beast.


As you can see, Jonathan Daniel Roger has life by the balls. He wisely suggested that people report me to Cloudflare in order to get me deplatformed for exposing deplorable behavior.

Yes, I’m the hateful one. Not the woman who threatened to have children stomped on the playground.

Sadly for this man of three first names Cloudflare is not my hosting provider, or anyone’s hosting provider. Cloudflare protects my website and others from something called DDOS attacks that slow the site down. Well done sir!

David Abbott was the white knight no one asked for, and suggested that the reason he wasn’t featured in the blog was due to his white male privilege.

Sorry David, but you didn’t comment on the post in question. Had you said something dumb defending this woman I definitely would’ve included you like I’m doing now. I promise. Thank you for your service to black people and women for speaking up so that others don’t take the punishment of….being criticized for saying stupid things on the Internet.


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