Ashland High School Teacher, 9 Year Old Son And Wife Shout Obscenities At Trump Supporters In Hopkinton Center, Attempt To Provoke Altercation


Reader emailHowdy! So a friend told me to message you about a couple photos I got at our local Trump Rally this morning, of a seriously Trump Deranged family-young kid, maybe 8-10 years old? Screaming obscenities at us, hanging out the window (no seatbelt?) Giving us his 2 middle fingers. Wouldn’t it be hysterical to find out the parents are teachers or something?!!

Of course it’s a Subaru. Because, of course it is.

These are the people who will lecture you about your lack of morality if you don’t vote for Joe Biden in two weeks. These are the people who will whine about a lack of civility while they dehumanize people for having different political opinions than they do. These are the people who will cry that Trump is a bad influence, while teaching their child to drive around and give middle fingers to strangers in the center of Hopkinton. The parents who raised this child should be ashamed of themselves. On that note, let’s meet Geoffrey and Jody Mostow from Ashland.


According to witnesses the whole family was flipping off the Trump people, and Dad was yelling obscenities while taunting people to come get some!

Jody is a pre-school teacher at the Metro West Jewish Day School in Framingham, who graduated from Lena Dunham’s alma mater, so it kind of makes sense when you think about it.

 Geoffrey is also an educator, teaching special education at Ashland High School.

How on point was the emailer?

Wouldn’t it be hysterical to find out the parents are teachers or something?!!

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I hate to keep dragging teachers, because I used to be one. But perhaps they should start rooting out the ratchets in their ranks.

The lovely child you can see flipping people the bird over their political opinion appears to be 9 years old, as he was featured in the newspaper for a presentation he did as a student at Mom’s school in 2018, when he was 7. It’s clearly him.

Just because you have a respectable job and live in the suburbs doesn’t mean you’re not a ratchet. If you teach your child that it’s OK to behave like this, and if you participate in that behavior with them, you are a deplorable, loathsome individual who doesn’t deserve to have custody of your children. You certainly have no business being employed as a teacher. Feel free to contact the Metrowest Jewish Day School on Facebook by clicking here, and email Ashland Superintendent James Adams, and Ashland High School Principal Kelly St. Coeur to let them know your thoughts. These people are a disgrace to the profession, and they deserve to be cancelled.

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