Ashley Losapio Gets Promotion From Probation Department Despite Dating Cop Killer’s Boyfriend, Giving Information On State’s Witnesses To Gang Members


Those of you who started riding the turtle after 2016 may not recognize this woman:

Her name is Ashely Losapio (referred to by many as “Trashley Losloppyho), and she was the 2017 Ratchet Madness Champion, who upset the Fall River Guttermuppet in the championship.




She’s most known for being at the center of perhaps the biggest story in Turtleboy history back in May of 2016. When Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino was killed by career criminal Jorge Zambrano it sent shockwaves through the community. Three days later we found out that Jorge’s twin brother Giancarlo was dating Ashley Losapio, the daughter of a retired judge.




Giancarlo is a bad dude. Here’s what he sounds like when he thinks you owe him money:

Shortly after his brother killed Officer Tarentino Giancarlo got a warrant out against him for not showing up in court after scamming a little old lady out of $7,000 for contracting work her never did.

zambrano (1)

He had plenty of money for exotic vacations with his sidepiece though.


To make matters worse the hack probation department employee was at the center of a scandal in which she provided information on state’s witnesses to her gang banger friends. It was the Worcester Police who discovered this, and in the 2010 Ware Report the WPD stated that gangbangers on wiretaps said that they received helpful information from “Ashley L,” that they wouldn’t normally be able to get. These people, who she chose to surround herself with, referred to her as “Shorty” on the tapes.

One conversation discussed contacting her to get information on their case, while another states he saw “Shorty” in court and she gave him a signal he was going to be all right. Police said “Shorty” was a moniker for Losapio.

Ashley never lost her job for the blatant corruption she was involved with while working for the probation department. Nor was she disciplined for choosing to date a seedy character like Giancarlo Zambrano, and for undoubtably having contact many times with his cop killing brother.

Then today this happened:

She got a promotion on April Fools. Except it wasn’t a cruel April Fool’s joke.

Ashley Losapio, the associate probation officer in the Massachusetts Trial Court system who was investigated for allegedly leaking information to criminals in the past, has been promoted to full probation officer. A trial court spokeswoman confirmed Losapio was promoted to probation officer on April 1. She has been transferred out of Central Massachusetts, where she served for several years, and is now in Hampden Superior Court. State payroll records show Losapio made $58,617 as an associate probation officer in 2018. The average salary for a probation officer is $61,484, the trial court spokeswoman said.

This is what lawlessness looks like. This is what it looks like in a state of one party rule where the rules don’t apply to the lucky sperm of the elites. This is Massachusetts.

It just never ends. Personally I’m sick and tired of of seeing people like Jussie Smollett, Judge Shelley Joseph, and Ashley Losapio openly break the law because they know their status in society allows them to do so. Of the three Shelley Joseph is the only one being held accountable, but only because Donald Trump’s U.S. Attorney took action against her. Ashley Losapio is too small time for the federal government to care about her, so she gets a pass. Because this is what happens when the folks who run this swamp of a state are put in charge of overseeing themselves.

Meanwhile, she’ll now be working in Springfield, and she still has an affinity for bumpin uglies with gangstas. Good thing there aren’t any lowlife drug dealing gangbangers in the Springfield-Chicopee-Holyoke area. She’s not some teenager who went through a phase either. She was in her 30’s when she chose to date this drug dealing wannabe playboy:



Here’s my question – who did she beat out for this promotion? How many assistant probation officers out there would’ve liked to get this promotion and never illegally gave confidential information on state’s witnesses to drug dealing hoodrats? Just a reminder that she admittedly associated with drug dealers, and gave up information on a woman so they could steal her car:

According to investigators, Ms. Losapio allegedly admitted during the interview that she was acquainted with people identified by police as violent offenders and involved in the drug trade. They said the names and phone numbers of those offenders were found in Ms. Losapio’s personal cell phone contact list. During their investigation, Capt. McGinn said, police learned that Ms. Losapio allegedly had provided one of those offenders with information about the location of a woman. The individual needed the location so that the woman’s car could be repossessed.

She kept witnesses from testifying at grand juries:

“During our interview with the Worcester Police, they stated that they believe Losapio notified her criminal associates when witnesses might be testifying before the grand jury and, as a result, they appeared at the courthouse to intimidate witnesses.

She helped them shake down people who owed them money:

They also stated that Losapio used Probation Department databases to locate an individual owing money to a used car dealer, whom they believe was subsequently accosted by Losapio’s criminal associates.”

The WPD said that she compromised several investigations involving violent drug dealers:

The probe into the alleged leaks, authorities have told the T&G, raises concerns about whether or not major police investigations, as well as the safety of confidential informants and cooperating witnesses relied upon in those investigations, have been compromised. Authorities say they are now actively pursuing a “fact-finding” investigation into the scope and detail of information Ms. Losapio allegedly supplied people. A police detective described the recipients of the information as violent criminals and known to be involved in illegal drug trafficking.

They got information on her because prisoners frequently spoke about her during recorded jailhouse phone conversations:

A source close to the investigation, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the case, said police allegedly learned of her involvement during a telephone wiretap. One of the taped conversations revealed that an inmate at the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction questioned the caller about a third man, asking if that third man was under investigation for any sort of drug investigation.

The WPD said her actions had a “chilling effect” on their relationship with the probation department:

Capt. McGinn said Ms. Losapio’s alleged actions were a “breach of trust” in the relationship that police have with the Probation Department. The alleged breach, he said, has had a “chilling effect” on that relationship. “We often work with individuals who are informants and cooperating witnesses who may be under the control of the Probation Department,” the captain said. “Accordingly, there is a high level of trust we have with the Probation Department. We work very closely with these people and until now there has never been a problem.“I’m trying to avoid harm befalling …one of our witnesses if the information about their identities has been leaked. I just can’t trust our information going over there right now,” he added.

And the WPD complained to the probation department about her actions, and these concerns were ignored:

The Globe reported that “Worcester police fruitlessly complained to O’Brien in 2008 that associate probation officer Ashley Losapio, the stepdaughter of a judge, had compromised an investigation by leaking information to criminals.” According to the Globe, Ms. Losapio admitted to having contact with known criminals and informing them of people she saw come into the court where she worked.Worcester Police Officers, the Globe reported, informed Commissioner O’Brien that Losapio “is not a suitable person to serve this community.” The Globe’s story concluded that while Losapio “has been transferred,” “[s]he continues to work for probation, as a probation officer” and believe she continues to associate with known criminals. Her pay has increased by nearly $3,000 a year.”

Between this and Coach Kuchar losing his job at Andover I sometimes want to bang my head against the wall and give up. But then I remind myself that this is why we exist at Turtleboy Sports – to expose people like Ashley Losapio. No one in the media had any idea that a cop killer’s brother was dating a corrupt gangsta pass-around probation department employee until we broke that story. She might’ve gotten away with it, but at least she was uncomfortable at work. This is why we ask you to donate to the turtle fund and support us – because they don’t want us to blog, and they don’t want you to be informed.

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