Aspiring Leominster Rapper Wanted For Ransacking, Trying To Burn Down Neighbor’s Condo Skips Court Date But Not Hampton Beach Show


The police are looking for Brandon Lovely of Leominster.

He has an arrest warrant out for his arrest. Read about his crimes here, while we give you the TL;DR:

  • On August 6, 2018 he ransacked his neighbors condo on Bayberry Lane, leaving the faucets and toilets running
  • He was supposed to appear in court last week but shockingly didn’t show up so there’s a bench warrant out for his arrest on the charges of breaking and entering to commit a felony, vandalizing property, and receiving stolen goods
  • A burned boxes of tissues was left on the stove, along with Comet powder everywhere, leading police to believe he tried and failed to burn the place down.
  • TV’s were destroyed along with furniture and a mattress, and he took checkbooks, a passport, and a watch.
  • His family member whose basement he was staying in called the cops on him after suspecting him, and then finding out that he had trashed her basement as well.
  • The family member found a bunch of jewelry and other stuff he would have no way obtaining since he’s broke and lives in his relative’s basement. She also found a laptop with the name of the person whose condo was trashed on it.
  • Lovely said that he was blackout drunk but doesn’t remember breaking into the home.
  • Lovely has an extensive criminal record including Google trophies for vandalizing property and breaking and entering.

He posted this the day of the break in.

“Enjoy your life, that’s it.”

Translation – avoid employment, steal from people, and pretend that a collection of dirt and pubic hair is a real mustache.

I for one am shocked that this individual has dreams of becoming a rapper.

Seems so out of character. The guy from your hometown who hasn’t given up the dream of becoming a rapper is almost always law abiding and would have no reason to rob someone.

Obviously his rap career is flourishing since he recently performed at the place where dreams go to die – Hampton Beach.


If you’re a rapper performing at Hampton Beach then it’s required by law that you have open warrants out for your arrest.

He really, really wants you to check out his YouTube channel to see some of his latest hits.

You’d be one of the first, since he’s got a whopping 53 subscribers. His big show at Hampton got all of 10 views.

And the crowd goes wild!

Obviously things are going great in his life, seeing as he “STILL GOT THIS MONEY.”

Which explains why he has to resort to robbing and trashing his neighbors house, and then trying but ultimately failing to burn it to the ground.

With his ability to rhyme words like “tree” and “me” the sky is really the limit with this MC McWarrants.

You’ll never guess what his drink of choice is either.

Henny. How original. Just pour it right on his grave, which odds are will be possible within the next 10-15 years.

In case you were wondering, his music is just a reflection of his life.

He just hasn’t released the hit track yet about trashing his Aunt’s basement or his eventual entry into the world of getting black out drunk and sexually harassing strange women.

He’s really just awful in every way imaginable.

And he’s still on the run, over a year now since the crime. If you know where he’s at feel free to let us know.


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