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Athol Superintendent Threatened To Call DCF On Parents Who Kept Kids Home From School Due To Coronavirus Before State Mandated Schools Close


Darcy Fernandes is the superintendent of the Athol-Royalston Public Schools.

After it became clear two weeks ago that the commie cold was a global pandemic, she responded by issuing a release on the district’s website, informing parents that she’d be sending the DCF fairy to their house if they chose to keep their children home from school.

This seemed like a bad idea, considering every district in the state was canceling school, and it necessitated a followup letter indicating that the first letter was “only supposed to be seen by a specific audience.”

Please, tell me which specific audience was supposed to be told that they had to send their children to school despite the very serious threat of contracting or spreading coronavirus.

This was not her first massive screwup either. In January she gave a speech at a MLK breakfast on Cape Cod that could best be described as “look at me, I’m not white, feel bad for me.”

She also complained that she nearly lost her job for investigating an alleged racist incident between SABIS and Athol at a middle school basketgball game. 

“She noted that an ongoing investigation resulted in angry parents calling and complaining and ‘as the truth came out it did happen.'”

According to superintendent Fernandes an investigation determined that it “did happen.” Turns out that was a lie too:

During a basketball game against Sabis International Charter School on Dec. 14, racist comments directed toward players of the Sabis team were allegedly made by a members of the Athol team. An investigation into the incident began after someone from the Sabis team reported the incident. “Evidence supports that racial statements were made from members of the Athol-Royalston Middle School basketball team towards members of the Sabis International Charter School basketball team,” Superintendent Darcy Fernandes wrote in an email earlier this month. “There was no specific determination made against any one student that was corroborated.”

“Results labeled our students as guilty in the court of social media which was very unfortunate,” said School Committee vice chair Lee Chauvette. “I personally believe an inconclusive result should have cleared the girls.”

“As a community we are here this evening because we feel due process for our children was not followed,” Duquette said. “We feel an impartial investigation questioning all parties involved was not awarded to us.”

Duquette asked the School Committee for a response to a Jan. 10 letter, signed by a group of around 20 parents and guardians of the girls team, appealing the “inconclusive” decision. In the letter they requested a copy of the Sabis team’s complaint, a complete unredacted copy of the civil rights investigators’ findings, all evidence proving that racist statements were made by members of the ARMS team, and a copy of the civil rights sensitivity training plan.

Two officers from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights did interview students and gather evidence, according to Fernandes, but did not interview referees present at the game.

Parents and family of some of the basketball players are upset by what appeared to be an assumption of guilt by the superintendent against their daughters. They say members of the SABIS team were shouting distracting words and behaving aggressively towards the Athol team throughout the Dec. 14 game. Afterward some members of the Sabis team refused to shake hands with the Athol girls, said Claire Barber, grandmother to an ARMS girls’ basketball team player.

“We are not talking about disrespectful kids here,” Barber said in an email. “They are caring, polite, and respectful young ladies who enjoy the game of basketball and that has been taken away from them. Once the accusation is out there you can’t put it back in the box.”

They didn’t interview members of the team or the refs, nor did they identify a single person who heard the alleged racial slur, but they still called it a thorough investigation. Makes sense.

Her speech, which took place in front of an audience of people who likely knew very little about Athol, starts at the 46:O2 mark, and she drops a hard n bomb at 49:25.

She contacted the AD who said he spoke with the refs and they said it didn’t happen. She didn’t like this because she really wants to think the worst of the district’s students, so she authorized a bigger and more expensive investigation because she wanted to hurt the students’ reputation while bolstering her own profile.

What a leader.

She also attacked parents by accusing them of going after the only Latino teacher in the school, presumably because she’s not white either. And she framed the protest of her not as a legitimate grievance, but as racist white people from Athol going after a woman of color. Because God forbid she doesn’t hide behind her identity for two minutes.

She flipped out on a bunch of 12 and 13 year old girls too.

At practice on Monday following the game, the superintendent reprimanded members of the team, warning them of the gravity of the situation and urging anyone who knew about the alleged incident to speak up.

“Prior to any investigation, Superintendent Fernandes accused our children of using racial slurs, saying how disappointed she was in them,” Duquette said. “Then she used scare tactics by saying that video evidence existed of the alleged behavior.”

In a Jan. 8 letter to the basketball team, Fernandes apologized for coming off too harsh.

“As the leader of the district it is not easy for me to receive a call claiming that our students may have made racial slurs to students of another team,” Fernandes wrote. “It was never my intent to be accusatory. If that is how you read my comments on that day I apologize.”

It wasn’t her intent to accuse them, she just decided to immediately think the worst of them without any evidence, lie about video evidence, and try to coerce them into a false confession without their parents being present. Perfectly understandable.

Of course no race hoax would be complete if someone wasn’t making bank for sensitivity and diversity training.

An investigation into an alleged racial slur used against the opposing team during an Athol-Royalston Middle School girls’ basketball game last month found no individual student at fault, but the school will still host a civil rights and racial sensitivity training in response.

“Evidence supports that racial statements were made from members of the Athol-Royalston Middle School basketball team towards members of the SABIS International Charter School basketball team,” Superintendent Darcy Fernandes wrote in an email. “There was no specific determination made against any one student that was corroborated.”

At middle school Principal Thomas Telicki’s request, some students will now participate in a civil rights and racial sensitivity training in response to the incident. Exactly who participates in the training and what it will entail has yet to be determined.

Sensitivity training is how you make money as part of the racism-industrial complex. Fabricate racism, then fix it with a consulting company that gets paid to come to school and tell all the white teachers about their unconscious bias, or whatever buzzwords are hot in SJW circles that week.

Now there’s a petition going around to have her removed, because she’s pulled a few more Biden’s:

  • Referred to children on IEP’s/504’s as “problem children” at an RCS public event that discussed issues stemming from the lack of support for our special education students
  • Issued a letter to staff in the district stating that they will be called in to perform clerical and janitorial duties after Governor Baker declared a state of emergency and closed down the schools

She’s like the ratchet fairy God mother turning teachers into janitors and calling special needs kids “problem children.”

People like Darcy Fernandes are talentless climbers. They hide behind their identity because they know it’s a winning hand. They whine about racism, but fail to recognize that the only reason they’re in the position they’re in right now is because they play the race card so well. If a white person were this bad at their job they’d be rightfully fired for it.

But she knows that Athol is viewed by people who aren’t from there as a working class, white, backwoods, Walmart loving community. This is a community where we blog about women who urge mentally challenged women to be impregnated by their husbands and then pretend the baby doesn’t belong to them. This is literally one of the first houses you see when you come towards the center of town.



So she has no problem throwing children in her district under the bus so that she can win awards and give speeches where she talks about how racist her temporary community is.


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