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Attention Seeking Boyfriend Of Manchester Shooting Victim Might Not Be Telling The Whole Story


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Correct me if you’ve heard this before, but the mainstream media got a story wrong. This time it’s a tragic story out of New Hampshire where a young mother was shot and killed while out on a date with her boyfriend at Manchvegas. Here’s the Union Leader’s coverage:

Tanya Hall and Jeremy Winslow were having a “picture perfect” night Saturday. He picked her up at her home in Hudson, right on time at 6 p.m., but she joked that he was late. He noticed that she hadn’t put her lipstick on yet and she explained that she had waited so she could kiss him without smearing it, Winslow said. They laughed through dinner and martinis, then decided to go dancing at Club Manchvegas.

“I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with her,” Winslow said. They were flying to Barbados in four weeks and he planned to propose to her there. “That night I told her — I said ‘I’m going to spend my life with you,’ and she said ‘Please.’”

But the evening ended with Hall, 34, fatally shot in the back as the couple fled from a group of men who Winslow said attacked them outside the bar. The man police believe pulled the trigger, Justin Moura, 34, of Manchester, was arraigned Tuesday in Hillsborough County Superior Court North on a charge of second-degree murder. From the lobby of the courthouse, Winslow said the trouble began when he accidentally bumped into another man in the club’s bathroom. Winslow said the man he bumped into was wearing a jacket identifying him as a member of the biker organization BRO and demanded that Winslow say ‘Excuse me.’ Winslow left the bathroom and returned to dance with Hall, but he noticed several other men wearing BRO jackets, and as he grabbed his coat to leave the club, one of them again told Winslow to say ‘Excuse me.’ Winslow said that man was Moura. Three of the men wearing BRO jackets followed Winslow and Hall outside the club and to their car, Winslow said.

“As soon as the car door shut, someone had punched her side of the window. It didn’t break, but someone punched my side as well, who I identified as Justin Moura,” he said. He quickly pulled out of the parking lot and onto Old Granite Street. “As I passed these two guys who were standing right there on the corner, I heard my back window break and I thought to myself it was a rock.”

Hall told him “They hit me,” Winslow said, but he didn’t understand what she meant at first. She laid her head on his shoulder and they kept talking as he drove to a nearby police station. But Hall began to go limp, and when Winslow lifted her head up she slumped forward and he saw the bullet hole in her back. He called 911 but kept driving, eventually stopping when he saw a police officer conducting a traffic stop. The officer came over to attend to Hall and ordered Winslow to stay away from the car, he said.

“Looking back now, that’s the last time I’m ever going to see her,” Winslow said. “If it could have ended differently, whether she was dead or not I would have grabbed her and held her and squeezed her at least one more time.”

As you can see, the boyfriend, Jeremy Winslow, is putting on quite the show for the cameras.

He literally cannot stop seeking out media attention for this, and is milking it for all its worth.

Although everyone handles grief differently, he hardly seems upset. The media isn’t interviewing her family or friends. Just him. But they’ve only been dating a few months, and he’s actually seeking out the media, not vice versa. Either way, the way he’s talking about it sounds straight out of a Hollywood script, and he clearly is enjoying the attention.

Jeremy Winslow has painted himself as a victim here, and although most of us reading this were not there that night, it appears as if he is anything but a victim. Meanwhile, the man who killed Tanya is being presented as the lone villain here by the media. Don’t get me wrong, the shooter is obviously to blame for this and should be charged as such. But look at Justin Moura’s Facebook page and tell me that this looks like the kind of guy who would throw his life away and intentionally kill a woman he never met before. He’s a single father, and appears to be well liked. There are no signs whatsoever that he’s in any sort of biker gang. He’s clearly a killer, and he has a lot of red flags in his past, but people like him don’t just start shooting at a Jeep because a guy inside wouldn’t apologize for bumping into him. He’s not Aaron Hernandez.

Many have speculated that Jeremy Winslow was attempting to run him over with his truck, and that Moura began shooting wildly in self defense. This would seem to be contradicted based on the fact that she was shot in the back. However, according to Jeremy in that interview they were banging on her passenger side window. If that’s the case then why is the driver’s side window the one that’s out?

And why would they go after her instead of him?

Either way, I find it hard to believe that Jeremy Winslow is completely innocent here. As you can see, he’s a roid head.

And completely self-obsessed. Was it possible that he escalated a situation in the bar with a volatile and armed man because he cannot control his steroid fueled temper, and she died as a result of that?

Jeremy Winslow claims that he was planning on proposing to Tanya in a few weeks, and that she was the love of his life. But look at the pictures on her Facebook page. There isn’t a single picture of him. Not one. Likewise on his page he only has 1 picture of them together. He has plenty of pictures of himself though, as Jeremy seems quite infatuated with Jeremy.

Although this could be an anomaly, Tanya posted lots of pictures of loved ones on Facebook. Yet the guy she planned on marrying, who she only started dating a few months ago, wasn’t prominent enough in her life to appear in any of her recent memories. If I were interviewing him the first question I’d ask would be, “can I see the ring?” Because I just find it hard to believe he had any plans of proposing to her. Maybe my guess is wrong, but from what I’ve learned about Jeremy Winslow in the last 24 hours that seems unlikely.

Several of Jeremy’s ex-girlfriends have reached out to us about him. He has a long and documented past history of domestic violence against women. He is a deadbeat Dad who doesn’t keep up with child support. You’ll notice that although he has plenty of pictures glamorizing himself as a juiced up lady’s man, he doesn’t have any pictures of his sons. He dates some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen, and cheats on them with other beautiful women he meets online. We have all the evidence of this which we’ll be publishing in the next installment.

To that end, if you know anything about this story, or about Jeremy or Justin, please feel free to email [email protected], or message TBNews on Facebook. We’ll delve into Jeremy’s history more in part 2, and would like to include any information turtle riders would like to share with us.


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