Attleboro Woman Pretending To Be Homeless With Kids Asks For Free Diapers, Sells Them On Same Page The Next Day


It’s understandable that charitable individuals would want to help people who are in need. However, it’s always best to give to well known, established charities with oversight, as opposed to giving to people directly who you just met on Facebook. The perfect example is this woman.

She’s an Attleboro woman named Angela Huntley Costi, and she was featured on Turtleboy in August after asking for free AC’s, using her alleged 7 kids as bait to acquire them, and then selling them with zero shame on the same community yard sale pages just days later.


You name it, she was selling it.

There are lots of people out there like this, and the public needs to be made aware of them. There are actual people in need, and they are less likely to receive help because of people like Angela Costi. It’s our duty to spotlight them in order to raise awareness.

But sadly, not everyone reads TB, (even though they should) and a Rhode Island woman was scammed by her for diapers this week.

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Angela went on a Rhode Island yard sale group, said she was living in a motel and needed diapers for her children, and this woman went and ordered her some from Walmart.

Then the next day this happened.

In other words, she really just needed money for drugs. She either doesn’t have custody of children who require diapers, or she already has enough and was doing this specifically to profit off of someone else’s charitable instincts. But instead of apologizing for being so terrible, Angela berated the generous woman for calling her out publicly instead of messaging privately.

“Maybe I need the money bad (I do, because Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer doesn’t take a post dated check). Therefore it’s OK that I preyed off of your good intentions and lied to you about kids who need diapers. Sure, I could’ve applied for welfare or (gasp) gotten a job, but that would be way too honorable. Plus, you’re not the only person I defrauded with my diaper scam. I did the same thing to my parents and they were cool with it.”

She’s saying this to a woman who also gave her a little extra cash on top, just because the thought of children going without moved her to be a decent human being.

But it’s not her fault because she has the “disease” after all.

She was also willing to sell it for $20, because apparently Diego was having a sale this week.

And the “we’re staying at a hotel with our seven kids” thing was a lie too. At least according to her most recent GoFundMe which said they were living in a van.

I hate to say it, but people have to stop being so nice. Nice people don’t survive in the zombie apocalypse. That’s not to say you have to be a mean person, you just have to be unwilling to allow people like this to prey on nice people. And that means calling them out and exposing them each and every time you see them do it. It means ignoring and combatting people like this who enable scam artists.

Stop. Making. Excuses. For. Junkies.

She lied because she wanted to buy drugs. End of story.

Scam artists like Angela count on people like this being there to make excuses for them. The only thing that gets them to stop what they’re doing is resentment and scorn. Each and every time this woman posts people should respond to links with this blog. Make it clear that they are not welcome here if they’re going to be ripping people off. Angela Huntley and Nick Costi have no business having children under their care, and I sincerely hope DCF is seeing this and makes sure that those kids don’t have to go through life calling these two con-artists mom and dad.


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