Attorney Challenging Pro-Law Enforcement State Rep David Decoste Was Arrested For Swearing At, Harassing Cops During 2004 Red Sox Riots 


State Rep. David DeCoste is one of the few good elected officials in this state. Two years ago he won the seat representing Rockland, Norwell, and Hanover when his democratic opponent Deirdre Hall, known to many simply as “Bobbin for Boners,” dropped out of the election when it was revealed that she performed late night drunken felatio on the Town Administrator in Town Hall, while also having an affair with fellow selectman Ed Kimball, AKA Eddie Porkchops. DeCoste is a staunch supporter of law enforcement and voted against the black lives matter inspired “police reform” bill in July, which makes it nearly impossible for cops to do their job.

DeCoste also said he has become a leader in terms of advocating for law enforcement, specifically regarding a recent piece of legislation that would provide sweeping police reform. He said he is the primary sponsor of a number of bills to protect law enforcement officers, including one bill that changes the punishment for assaulting a police officer from a misdemeanor to a felony and another to re-institute the death penalty for individuals who kill police officers.

“Well any time the police are being attacked or law enforcement officers and their families are being attacked, now I would not consider that to be divisive,” DeCoste said. “I would just consider that to be what any responsible legislator would do, would be to support and defend the police.”

His opponent is 41 year old former Hanover selectman Emmanuel Dockter.

Deckter hasn’t publicly stated how he would’ve voted on that bill, but since he’s a Democrat odds are he would’ve voted for it, especially since he has a documented history of clashing with police.

In 2004 after the Red Sox won the World Series there were riots in Boston. Decketer was at an apartment on Commonwealth Ave where cops responded to reports of a man with a gun. When they got there they dispersed the crowd in front of his building while he was upstairs on the balcony. But instead of going inside Docketer and his friend acted like drunken buffoons, swore at the police, threw a beer at them, and then stalked them in the street before getting arrested.


“The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself.” – Franklin Roosevelt

“A House divided upon itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

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“Move along you (expletive)  (expletive). Keep moving, no one wants you here. OK (expletive)head, you can leave, we’ll go in like good little boys.” – Emmanuel Dockter

Granted this was 16 years ago and Dockter is now a well respected family man with his own law firm. But the fact of the matter is that David DeCoste has never thrown a beer can at cops while shouting unspeakably inappropriate things at them when he was 25 years old, and he has a proven track record of supporting law enforcement. My question is, will anyone ever run against him who isn’t a fan of drinking too much and making poor life choices?


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