Attorney Fleecing Desperate Parents By Filing Anti-Mask Lawsuits Against DESE Was Previously Charged With Domestic Violence And DUI


Parents in fourteen school districts and counting have filed lawsuits against the DESE mask mandate for kids in schools, which might make you feel optimistic if you oppose this unnecessary forced masking. Don’t get your hopes up though because the only attorney who would take their case is the well known grifter Attorney Robert Fojo from Manchester, NH.

Hingham, Carver, West Bridgewater and the Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District are caught up with 10 other school districts, two communities and the state education department in a series of six lawsuits challenging local and state school mask mandates. All six lawsuits have been consolidated into one action pending in Hampden Superior Court at the request of the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Five of the lawsuits, including all of those against local school districts, have been filed by one New Hampshire lawyer, Robert Fojo. Fojo has also filed a flurry of lawsuits in his home state against mask mandates in schools and at the state level and against remote learning access. The 14 Massachusetts school districts are named in five lawsuits, and they contain mostly the same background information. The lawsuits are against the school districts, which have individual mask mandates, and the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education,  which has said masks are required in all Massachusetts public schools for now. Fojo said the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education  and individual school districts don’t have the authority to issue mask mandates to students, and that if anyone did have that power, it would be the state Department of Public Health.

“Even so, (the Department of Public Health) has never come down with this kind of a broad health measure,” Fojo said.

Attorneys like Robert Fojo are predators who see desperate parents who feel powerless because their kids are being forced to wear masks in school, and are happy to take their money. Other attorneys know that these lawsuits have been filed and ultimately go nowhere, so they don’t take cases like this when parents come to them. It’s unethical. But people like Fojo see their desperation and take advantage of that. I’ve written stories about people he’s fleeced for thousands of dollars in New Hampshire on cases that went nowhere. Lawyers need to get paid, and Fojo likely doesn’t have enough clients coming to him because he’s not taken very seriously in New Hampshire. So he tells these people to write him a check, he files the lawsuit, and it almost always ends up getting dismissed.

Full disclosure – I have a history with Robert Fojo. In 2020 he threatened to sue me after I published a blog about one of his clients who never paid a woman who cleaned his disgusting toilet. He then applied for a harassment order against me, and two anonymous Facebook profiles, alleging that we put him in fear by mocking his demand letter. I represented myself in court, despite having no legal training or background, and defeated him. He then filed a lawsuit against a local bar employee for sharing the blog we wrote about Fojo, and that went nowhere as well.

I bring this up not to gloat, but because people still reach out to me and ask me to get people to join Fojo’s lawsuit. They haven’t read the blogs about him so clearly the word isn’t out, and it’s my moral obligation to warn his next victims. This man misuses the courts, is almost never successful, isn’t taken seriously by judges, and presents himself like this:

But perhaps more glaring is the fact that Fojo has also been arrested in the last couple of years for domestic violence and DUI on separate occasions. In 2017 he was charged with domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, after he was alleged to have thrown her iPhone on the ground and stomped it, and used physical force to cause “unprivileged physical contact” against her at his friend’s bar.

In 2019 he tried to get an order against the victim, which failed, as do most of his legal filings.

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He was upset because she called him gay, and then attempted to weaponize her previous suicidal feelings against her.

He also threatened to sue his ex-wife for defamation, and attempted to get a court order to force both his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend to hand over their text communications because he believed they were “speaking ill of him.”

He allegedly intimidated his ex-wife by threatening to use litigation tactics to drive up her attorney’s frees and make her life a “living hell.”

Fojo was arrested again on December 1, 2017, for alleged simple assault and preventing the reporting of a crime. He had to waive his arraignment because it would’ve interfered with another scheduled court date.

He was arrested yet again in 2019 for DUI and refused to cooperate with officers.

Ultimately Robert Fojo and I are on the same team. We both agree that masks are unnecessary for children to wear in school, but people who are inclined to hire him have a right to know that they are putting their children’s health in the hands of a man who’s been arrested multiple times and abuses the courts frequently. If he can’t beat me, his ex-girlfriend, or his ex-wife in court, then how is he going to take down the DESE?



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