Attorney Says Brockton Woman’s Knife Wielding Rampage On Neighbors And Local Teens Was Act Of Self Defense


Brockton EnterpriseA Bridgewater woman attempted but was unsuccessful in stabbing at least four people and chased two juveniles with that same knife, eventually leading to her arrest, police said. Officers responded to 17 Sansom St. at about 7:54 p.m. Tuesday after police received a call that a woman was waving a knife and chasing people with it.

“Patrol officers found the suspect, Karin Cruz, chasing after two juveniles with a knife in hand,” said police spokesman Darren Duarte.

The officers ordered Cruz to stop and drop the knife, which she did, Duarte said.

“Once police had her in handcuffs, the suspect kicked one of the officers,” he said.

A police report filed in court on the incident states the two juveniles ran away so police were unable to speak to them. But the report says officers spoke to a woman who reported Cruz had arrived at her home earlier waving the knife around and “saying a lot of things that didn’t make sense.”

The woman said “Cruz then attempted to stab her and others with the knife but was unsuccessful,” the report states. Another woman approached police and reported being involved in the incident. She said Cruz also attempted to stab her, but was unsuccessful, the report states. Cruz began walking south on Leyden Street and walked toward Perkins Market, where she attempted to stab the two juveniles, the police report states. Officers had responded to Samson Street earlier on Tuesday for a disturbance and observed Cruz outside yelling at neighbors, the report states.

“Neighbors had reported that Cruz often gets verbally aggressive towards them,” it states.

Cruz, 47, of 94 Winter St., Bridgewater, was arrested and charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault and battery on a police officer. Cruz’s attorney, Chris Veale, said his client’s story “is in no way represented by the police report.”

“After dealing with unrelenting threats from the other parties involved, Ms. Cruz was attacked and did what anyone in that situation would do. She defended herself,” he said in a statement. “Her actions are consistent with self-defense. Ms. Cruz maintains her innocence and looks forward to share her side of the story, where she can be vindicated from these allegations.”

If you thought Karen’s were crazy, wait until you meet their ratchet genetic mutation cousin Karen with an i. It’s like a regular Karen except with permanent Newport Lights voice and a proclivity for stabbing people.

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Evidently this woman is the local neighborhood nutjob who has been terrorizing her neighbors for quite some time now, and she sounds exactly as you would imagine she would. Here she is on a typical Tuesday night in Brokcton, threatening her neighbors with a knife and ending her rant by saying “I’M NOT IN GUATEMALA.”

No, you’re not in Guatemala. You are in a place that is much, much worse than that – Brockton.

Here she is waving the knife and ranting like a lunatic to her neighbors while her gums continue their ongoing war with what’s left of her teeth.

And I’m not an attorney, but the her court appointed Johnny Cochran might want to reconsider his strategy.

Cruz’s attorney, Chris Veale, said his client’s story “is in no way represented by the police report.”

She chased down and tried to stab two kids. Seems like it might be a hard sell to play the self defense card on that one, especially if your evidence is a Facebook meme she shared.

Just sayin.


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