Auburn Foster Mother Who Let 2 Year Old Die In Her Care Is Collecting Disability And Wants Her Stimulus Check


Mutual Aid Worcester is a Facebook group run by SJW’s, many of who have been featured in TB blogs in the past. Although well intentioned, there’s a lot of this going on.

I’m all for sharing information to help people find the resources they need during this crisis, but this seems a bit much.

Did I miss the memo where SSI checks stopped coming in? Why exactly do you need a stimulus check if you’re still getting the same check from the government that you always got? This lockdown has turned into a Bernie paradise. Nobody works but everyone gets paid. This woman can’t take care of herself but she can care for a dog, so long as you give her free dog food and deliver it to her house.

Makes sense.

Here’s another one that stood out.

Kim Hayes is better known as Kim Malpass. Five years ago she made the news (and TB) when a two year old foster child named Avalena Conway died in her care, and another baby was found unresponsive. The birth mother, Jessica Conway, was a drug addict who lost custody of Avalena when she went to jail. I was particularly critical of Jessica Conway after she and her chinstrapped boyfriend protested outside of the Auburn foster home while he had an ankle bracelet on.


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She died two weeks later of an overdose, but Kim Malpass was never held responsible for her part in it, and Avalena Conway never received justice. Now five years later she’s collecting disability and trying to get a stimulus check out of it.

There’s a lot of great people who take in foster kids, but there’s also of people who do it for the check. Kim Malpass was the latter. The Malpass home was a foster crotch fruit factory, as she jamp packed her three own children, mutliple foster kids, and her career criminal boyfriend AJ Mallett into the small apartment. But Malpass lied repeatedly to DCF investigators about Mallett living there.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 1.52.29 PM

She had a 51A filed against her for neglecting her own three kids, and allowing her previous boyfriend at the time to abuse them. They also found out that the kid were missing lot of of school.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.08.47 PM

Keep in mind that a side effect of this lockdown is that DCF can no longer do home visits. We are directly endangering the lives of vulnerable children, but if you voice concern over it you are told that you want old people to die.

The night before Ava Conway was found dead Kim Malpass wet out, got drunk, and was puking everywhere when she got home. She repeatedly lied and covered up what was happening in that house:

Avalena Conway-Coxon’s foster mother continually lied to investigators about her boyfriend living with her inside Pheasant Court home where the child and another young girl were found unresponsive in August. Anthony Mallet, the boyfriend of foster mother Kimberly Malpass, even told investigators that he was taking care Avalena and foster child Samara, on Aug. 14, the night before the two girls were found unresponsive. The report issued in the case by the state Department of Children and Families shows foster mother Malpass frequently denied that her now 33-year-old boyfriend, who has long criminal record, was inside the home.

The mother of two other foster children living in the home told authorities on March 4 that Mallet was living at Pheasant Court. The mother said she knew Mallet used drugs and told authorities he was seen as the disciplinarian in the home, the report states. A state worker checked the home the same day and saw a man upstairs, but Malpass refused to let the worker inside. Malpass told DCF officials the following day it was her brother.

“Mr. Mallet told the investigator that he had been living in the home for a year and a half and that Ms. Malpass and her children had lied to DCF about his presence in the home,” the report said.

A report alleging neglect on the foster child referred to in the report as “J.E.” was filed on March 5. A DCF investigator ran a background check on Mallet and discovered his criminal record. Mallet had been charged with unarmed robbery in April as well. Malpass bailed him out.

The discovery of the lies and the fact that Mallet told investigators he had been staying at the 2 Pheasant Court home has officials saying they will be looking at the social media use by foster parents. Based on the report, it was obvious Mallet and Malpass dated when officials saw pictures on Facebook.

She also said that she was no longer with Mallett.

A DCF investigator eventually concluded Mallet was in the Pheasant Court home more than Malpass reported to them. Malpass, in late March, told DCF officials she was no longer in contact with Mallet.

But yet she posted this on Facebook in 2017.

Remarkably he was actually the better parent.

But the report shows Mallet watched Avalena and Samara on Aug. 14. He cared for them, changed their diapers, fed them and put them to bed. Malpass was out drinking. Malpass returned home drunk and began throwing up. Mallet, according to the report, told investigators he took two Xanax from Malpass’ pocketbook and went to bed.

The Auburn Police knew her very well too.

“We’re very familiar,” Sluckis said, “but to what extent, I’m not going to get into that.”


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