Poor Behavior

Auditing America’s Pet Idiot “Bucket Boy” Gets Arrested And Inadvertently Pants’d By NJ State Police In Glorious Takedown

Rhode Island’s biggest whining pussy and resident accused rapist and cop tormentor Anselmo Morales-Torres and his merry band of imbeciles took a nice outing the other day, with a wonderful outcome. Observe below.


This is fantastic stuff. It starts off with Bucket Boy standing off with an officer for some unknown reason, while Anselmo cowers outside the door behind the screen of his smart phone, never even so much as stepping an inch closer to help his pet moron.


The officer then starts to escort Bucket Boy out of the building, so he throws up his hands like an enraged baboon while yelling “Hands off!” over, and over, and over again.



That man’s face says it all. Pray for the people unfortunate enough to encounter these clowns in public.



They then get this screaming, toothless caveman outside, where he proceeds to yell “Drop dead” at another officer, while hoping out loud that he gets shot on duty this year. It is at this point Anselmo throws up a disclaimer that reads, “Auditing America does not ssupport this behavior”, which is obviously a poorly-written lie.

Now the cops have had enough of this crap.


At which point they go to cuff Bucket Boy,


Who pulls away, and takes off running like a scared baby hippo,


And only makes it down about 5 stairs and two feet before faceplanting on the pavement. All the while Anselmo is still cowering behind his cell phone, yelling “Oh my God!” and “Don’t hurt him”, so that it sounds sort of like a gay porno if you close your eyes. That’s his contribution to all this.

It then took half the force to get his fat a** back up on his feet, giving us a nice view of both his front butt,


And the rear.


For anyone keeping track at home, this mean that in the last few months Will Turbitt has been arrested, now Bucket Boy, leaving only one to go. Sleep tight, Anselmo. You’re next, buddy.


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