Awkward: Reading Selectman Tells Reading Cops They Scare Him Because They Carry Guns After Asking Woman To Turn Around And Show Him Her Backside


This is Reading Selectman Andrew Friedman.

And from this point forward he will always be remembered as the guy who said that police officers scare him because they carry guns.

WHDHA Reading selectman is apologizing for comments he made about police officers at a recent board meeting that caused some tense moments. Officers got up and walked out of the meeting Tuesday night after Andrew Friedman said he felt intimidated by them and that feared for his safety should he choose the wrong candidate for the office of Chief of Police.

“I’m feeling pretty intimated by the police officers in this crowd. You laugh at that, you think it’s funny but I have to live in this town and all of you drive around with guns,” he said to the crowd at the meeting.

One day later, Friedman said, “I deeply regret my statement and recognize it was wrong. It was one of those comments, made in the heat of the moment, that I wish I could take back. In addition to the members of the Reading Police Department, I also wish to apologize to the residents of Reading.”

The only thing that was a bigger epic fail than his statement about police officers, was his awkward sexual harassment of the female board member in a failed attempt to segue into a metaphor about her being thrown under the bus. He literally told this woman to “turn around please,” and “show me your back,” all so he could drop the punch line of, “I want to see the tire tracks from where they threw you under the bus.” He probably planned that line out weeks in advance and practices in the mirror. He felt so good and confident about it, and then when he went to deliver it it failed in spectacular style.

I thought I’d search for this guy and find a whole bunch of Vox Facebook memes on his page, but he appears to have no presence on there or on Twitter. A search of his name yields a plethora of really boring results with articles that will put you to sleep about how he voted on the town’s health agent, or something. There were no signs that Andrew Friedman was a cop hating SJW, although his hatred for both guns and cops, while simultaneously attempting to white knight for the woman whose posterior he attempted to look at, would suggest that he is.

The only thing the Internet will ever know about Andrew Friedman is that he’s the moron who whined that the people in uniform who carry guns in order to protect his family and personal property, secretly cause him to soil himself.


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