Ayanna Pressley Called Kellyanne Conway A Racial Slur And Said All Black People Must Think Alike So I Don’t Care Who She Thinks Is Racist


A lot of people are freaking out about Trump tweeting out that congresswomen like Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Boston’s own Ayanna Pressley should “go back and help fix the totally broken, crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it’s done.”


It’s pretty much unanimous amongst everyone who dislikes him that this is racist. Even though they represent the Bronx, the worst parts of Boston, Detroit, and Minneapolis, and one of them grew up in Somalia. All of those places are in fact totally broken and crime infested. No one debates that. You’d think that fixing those places would be their top priority, but apparently it’s virtue signaling on Twitter instead.

Would I have said it if I were President? No. Because things are going well right now, the economy is good, and these idiots are too busy calling Nancy Pelosi a racist to care about you. Why mess that up?

That’s just not Trump’s style though. He sees a fight and he inserts himself into it. He is a professional instigator, which is what makes him both hated and popular. But there’s nothing even remotely racist about telling people who constantly crap on and seemingly have no allegiance to this country, that they should go back and fix the places they came from first.

Many have pointed out that only Omar is not from here. But these women are down at the border hugging people for photo ops in CBP detention centers, so I think it’s fair to say that their biggest concern has never been working for the Americans who elected them. Their biggest concern are people who aren’t Americans. Plus, Tlaib wrote this in May:

“Our Palestinian people.”

She considers herself a Palestinian first. It’s not out of bounds to say that Americans aren’t her first priority.

Anyway, they’re all calling Trump a racist now, and he’s an idiot for giving them this ammo, but I completely agree with the sentiment. I’m just not sure how doing stuff like this is going to help him get re-elected, when these morons seem to want to do that for him.

My biggest beef with these women is how they refer to themselves as “The Squad.” There’s nothing more cringeworthy than watching grownups, especially members of Congress, attempt to be hip. We get it, you’re younger than other people in congress (which isn’t hard) and you come from an urban environment. You’re not like the other congressmen and women; you’re the cool congresswomen. You use modern day vernacular that the kids find relatable. So fresh, so hip.

If I were Trump I would simply turn it around on them and point out that there is no bigger racist in Washington DC than Ayanna Pressley. This is what she tweeted at Kellyanne Conway last week after Conway called the feud between AOC and Pelosi a cat fight:

“Oh hi distraction Becky.”

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For those of you unfamiliar with the term Becky, it’s a racial slur for basic white women. Because you can’t think up a much whiter name than Becky. I use it frequently because I write for a politically incorrect blog that doesn’t believe in self-censorship. But I’m also not a member of Congress.

Now imagine Conway tweeted back “Calm your tits Loudmouth Laqueesha.” That would be the biggest story in history, and EVERYONE would call it racist. Because it would be racist to do that, just like it’s racist to call Kellyanne Conway “Becky.”

Gotta love how she throws in “take a seat and keep my name out of your lying mouth.” So fresh, so hip, so fierce. She must’ve been in a lot of street fights back in the day, so don’t mess with her!

Except Ayanna Pressley grew up on the north side of Chicago, attended a prestigious private school, was a cheerleader who did modeling work on the side for Planned Parenthood ads, and was voted most likely to be Mayor of Chicago. There is nothing remotely rugged or tough about her childhood, but nevertheless – keep her name out your mouth Becky. She don’t play.

Or Trump could bring up that she said one of the more racist things you’ll ever hear earlier in week, when she criticized members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Translation – all black, brown, Muslim, and gay people must agree with me on everything. If not they are traitors to other people who look like them. She basically just called the older member of the CBC a bunch of Uncle Toms. Although according to her she didn’t say that.

So….you’re calling a Washington Post reporter’s direct quote of your racist speech “fake news?” I’m old enough to remember when calling the media fake news was a threat to the First Amendment, but I guess that’s only the case when Trump does it.

The bottom line is, Trump might be out of line sometimes, but listening to a bunch of racist people lecture me about how he’s the only racist in the room is like getting parenting advice from Michael Jackson. Pass.


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