BAA Official Throws American Flag On The Ground During National Anthem Celebrating 1st American Boston Marathon Wheelchair Winner Since 1993


Daniel Romanchuk became the first American since 1993 to win the wheelchair race at the Boston Marathon today. Obviously this is going to evoke feelings of patriotism and nationalism, since Americans hardly ever seem to win anything at this American based event. But evidently whoever hands out the award for the BAA thought the American flag was hate speech, or just taking the spotlight off of her, because this video makes me want to puke:

This wasn’t an accident, or a simple misunderstanding. This old bag with blonde hair is speaking to him while someone else holds the flag behind him:

Then the anthem starts and he puts his hand over his heart.

And for some reason she decides that this is a bad look, so she takes the flag from the woman holding it and throws it on the ground, presumably because the woman holding the flag had to put the medal on him.

Which is patently absurd, because Granny McTreason easily could’ve put the medal on herself. She also could’ve held onto the flag, instead of crumpling it and throwing it to the ground like it was trash.

I’m not really a flag Nazi, but that’s just intentionally disrespectful, and a terrible look. ON PATRIOTS DAY!! As the first American to win the race in 26 years was honored. Disgusting.

The BAA has apologized for this:

“The Boston Athletic Association apologizes sincerely for the nature in which our Men’s Wheelchair Award Ceremony was held,” Fleming said in a statement. “We are reviewing our Awards protocol to ensure that this does not happen again. The Boston Marathon has been an American tradition for more than a century and we take pride in the passion and determination that participants, spectators, and volunteers from around the world display at our annual event.

Which to me rings hollow, because the woman who actually did it should be the one apologizing. Not to publicly destroy her, but so that she can come forward and apologize and explain why she did what she did.

Instead you have the organization basically protecting her, and saying “we are reviewing or protocol to ensure this does not happen again.”

Da fuq? If you need to explain to people not to throw the American flag on the ground during the National Anthem then they probably shouldn’t be the ones handing out the awards. I’ve never seen them do that to a Kenyan or Ethiopian flag before. But I guess nationalism is only a bad thing when the nation you’re proud of is the United States of America.



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