Baby Dies After Man Leads Police On Highway Chase In Unregistered Car With Pregnant GF Who Blames Hospital Instead Of Him


Terrible story out of Chicopee. For the uncensored take on this story click here to read it on TBS, because they use a lot of foul language in their Facebook posts.

WWLPA high-speed chase on Interstate 91 ended with at least four people, including a pregnant woman, being taken to the hospital during Friday evening’s rush hour. According to Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio, troopers from the Springfield barracks attempted to stop a vehicle with attached plates that was traveling southbound on I-391 near Exit 3 at around 5 p.m. The driver, later identified by authorities as 20-year-old Nathan Ricardo Davila of Chicopee, allegedly refused to stop for police and continued to drive at a high-speed. The chase was authorized by Troop B Headquarters while traffic was light, Procopio told 22News. While trying to escape, Davila allegedly used the breakdown lane to pass other vehicles, causing multiple crashes.

Springfield fire officials were called to assist with a four-vehicle accident following the chase. Captain Brian Tetreault confirmed with 22News on Friday, that the accident involved two SUV’s and two sedans. The pregnant woman, who was in one of the sedans, had to be extricated and taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. According to Procopio, a 22-year-old woman who was in the passenger seat of Davila’s vehicle during the high-speed chase was taken to the hospital. Procopio was unable to confirm if that passenger was the pregnant woman.

The drivers who were struck by Davila as he attempted to get away from State Police include a 39-year-old Longmeadow man driving a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, a 47-year-old West Hartford, Connecticut woman driving a 2014 Ford Explorer, a 29-year-old Vernon, Connecticut man driving a 2014 Mazda, and a 22-year-old East Longmeadow woman driving a 2016 Toyota Camry. 

Troopers eventually caught up with Davila, who allegedly resisted arrest before being taken into custody. He was treated for minor injuries at Baystate Medical Center. The 20-year-old is facing charges including attaching plates, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop for police, speeding, marked lanes violation, breakdown lane violation, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, violation of an abuse prevention order and four outstanding warrants.

This was the driver.

He’s the kind of guy who violates abuse prevention orders against the passenger, drives uninsured cars with attached plates, leads the police on high speed chases, crashes into innocent people, flashes gang signs, and kills his pregnant girlfriend’s child because he didn’t feel like going back to jail. Who wouldn’t want to have a baby with him?

He seems like a great guy who really respects women, including his girlfriend, based his Facebook posts. (Many of his Facebook posts are sexual and contain foul language we can’t put on here, click here to see them all on TBS.)

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Based on the gang signs he was flashing, and the lifestyle he chooses to leave, you can imagine what he does for work.

He got that fire. Use your imagination to figure out what that means. Hint – it’s tax free income from a product that you can’t buy at Walmart.

Nevertheless, she was in love and chose to have her third child with him.

Yet he still complains that he’s the one who is treated poorly in the relationship.

You know who gets treated like s***? The baby who was killed, the baby momma whose life you endangered, and all the innocent people you could’ve killed in pursuit of 5 more minutes of freedom.

Yet she chose to be with him. I do feel bad for her because it’s a traumatic experience, and it looks like she’s struggling with it.

But this was the life she chose. She was well aware of the kind of person he was, she knew she was not in a good place to have a third baby, but she did it anyway because these people don’t think about the day after tomorrow, never mind the future.

Sure, they might’ve had a rough life, but wouldn’t you want better for your baby? Why would you subject your kids to the same cycles of poverty that let you in the position that you’re in now?

The answer, and I know this from teaching in Worcester, is that to these people this is the only life they know. The idea of getting a respectable job, obeying the law, doing well in school, going to college, getting married, and buying a house are completely foreign to them.

In a normal world she would disassociate with him after this, because he literally just killed their child. Instead she’s posting on Facebook about how much she misses him.

Nathan is the reason your daughter is dead. What don’t you get about this?

They’ve started a GoFundMe, and in the about section they blame the hospital instead of the man who got her killed.

If the hospital sent her home without checking on the baby’s well being then they’d have a point. I just doubt that we’re getting the whole story here, based primarily on the fact that this is the kind of woman who misses men who kill her children. And I just hate to see nurses and doctors smeared like this by people who more than likely don’t have health insurance in the first place.

Others are blaming the hospital as well as the police.

But there’s only one person responsible for the death of this child – the man who killed her.


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