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“Back In My Day” Mafia Blames Concerned Mother And Defends Lunenburg Superintendent Who Won’t Let Kids Drink Water In Class Because Of COVID 


This is Ashley Hovey, a mother from Lunenburg.

She was on Boston 25 News yesterday because she blew the whistle on the Lunenburg Public Schools forcing kids to step outside of their classrooms to sip water, lest they spread a virus that doesn’t kill children to their classmates whose masks apparently do not work.

Ashley Hovey recently noticed her 10-year-old daughter was coming home from Turkey Hill Elementary with her re-usable water bottle practically untouched. She wasn’t drinking from the bottle at school and Hovey couldn’t believe the reason why.

“She told me it’s because there’s a policy at school. They have to ask permission, leave the classroom, [then drink in the hallway] so she’s trying to not do it as much,” Hovey said.

Hovey said she called the school and was told students have to drink water in designated “mask break” zones. She said the district told her it was part of COVID-19 safety protocols to prevent kids from removing their masks in class.

“A child should be able to sit and have a sip of water,” Hovey said. “I think that’s putting a barrier on access to water. It is creating something that children have to overcome.”

Lunenburg Public Schools Superintendent Kate Burnham said her district is just following DESE guidelines.

“Students are not being denied access to potable water,” Burnham wrote in an email to Boston 25. “One of the protocols included in our Reopen Plan was to have students step just outside the classroom door in order to remove their mask and take a drink from their refillable water bottle.  In this way, the student is getting a brief mask break and a water break.”

Wait….what? I’m so confused by The Science sometimes. So they can’t spread COVID in the hallway where hundreds of kids congregate every time the bell rings, but they can spread it in their classrooms where they’re socially distanced from each other like masked lepers? This makes perfect sense to ladder climbing career bureaucrat Kate Burnham.


The most unforgivable part about this pandemic is how we’ve made life immensely more difficult for children than we have adults. College and pro sports teams don’t wear masks while competing, because that’s a silly thing to do when people are engaging in anaerobic activity. But high school kids have to wear masks while playing tennis and baseball. Your town doesn’t have a mask mandate so you don’t have to wear masks when you go to Walmart, but your local high school does. Adults at restaurants don’t have to step outside to drink water, but kids in classrooms do.

Drinking water is the healthiest thing a human being can do. When I taught and coached track I encouraged students to bring water bottles to class and stay hydrated. Your body isn’t ready to properly exercise after school if you didn’t hydrate properly during the day. But because of these monstrous adults good kids who are concerned about their education are now less likely to step outside their classroom to drink water because they might miss something important. It’s absolutely asinine.

Here’s the best part:

Burnhamsaid her district based its COVID-19 safety protocols for the 2020-21 school year on DESE’s guidelines and didn’t feel the need to adjust the protocols for the 2021-22 school year.

“It should be noted that the positivity rate in our community has been consistently higher than the state average this entire school year and we felt relaxing mitigation strategies was not prudent for the return to school in August or at any time since,”Burnham said.

They put the stupid policy in place during the height of COVID hysteria, so they might as well keep it around the next year in spite of the wide availability of a vaccine because learning from your mistakes is what smart people do.

The most remarkable part about this story was the reaction. The amount of people blaming the mother for going to the news while shilling for this grossly unscientific policy is an indicator of the serious psychological damage COVID has inflicted on the population. Amanda LeMarrier is a teacher implements a similar policy in her classroom and blames the concerned mother and her 10 year old daughter for not “advocating for herself.”

She’s 10 years old. It’s not her job to “advocate for herself, you monster. Her daughter wants to learn, and shouldn’t have to step outside the classroom to drink water because you’re afraid of COVID.

Susan Crandall blamed the mother because she hadn’t taught her dehydrated daughter how to follow pointless rules during “difficult times.”

These are only difficult times for children because ghouls like you make it that way. It’s really not a difficult time at all. A virus exists that we’re all going to get, and it’s only a threat to the morbidly obese and elderly. A vaccine for the virus exists, which they insist works and prevents you from dying if you get the virus. There’s nothing difficult about any of this unless you make it difficult. Then again Susan is the kind of person who can’t even take her mask off her kid at Disney World to pose for a picture:

So abusing children in order to make herself feel “safe” is pretty standard for her.

Then there were the “back in the day” broads.

Yea well, we’re not back in your day Marybeth and Paula. Luckily women stopped getting haircuts like this a long time ago.

I’m noticing a trend.

What seems cleaner and healthier to you? Having kids drink out of their own water bottles, or having hundreds of kids put their mouths all over a filthy spout in a hallway? I know the schoolmarm in your segregated school didn’t let you do that back in the day, but that’s only because she was ignorant too. It’s water. Just let them drink it in class. The end.


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