Bags Of Ballots At 4 AM Push Biden To Lead Over Donald Trump, Republicans Keep Senate


We did a nearly 8 hour marathon last night for the election, and when I went to bed Trump was favored -240 to win, as well as being a sizable favorite in Pennsylvania, and a smaller favorite in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia. I woke up today and bags of mail appeared in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, and he was a -400 underdog. However, it’s far from over and the odds keep changing by the minute. Trump must hold Georgia and pick up 2 of the following 3 states – Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Here are the current odds for each:

Michigan: Biden -500

Pennsylvania: Biden -130

Wisconsin: -1000

PA is basically a coin flip and there are 25% of votes not counted. As it stands he’s up 12%, but the remaining votes are all from Philadelphia.

WI he is losing, and votes keep coming in from Milwaukee, which favors Biden

As I write this Biden took a slight lead in Michigan with 90% of the vote in. That does not bode well for Trump, but crazier shit has happened.

No matter what the result, Trump has transformed the Republican party, exposed pollsters as being frauds and liars, and shown that the only thing that could stop him was big tech suppression, mail in voting, a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate, and the media’s intentional coverup of stories that could damage Joe Biden. The days of losers like Mitt Romney and John McCain are over. The Republicans are gonna keep the Senate thanks to Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, Tommy Tubberville, and possibly John James in Michigan taking a seat.

So it’s not what we wanted, for now, but it’s not a disaster. If Sleepy Joe wins he’ll step down within a couple months, Kamala Harris will be the most unpopular President ever, and the good guys will take back the White House in 2024.




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