Ballot Selfies Are Constitutional So Please Take A Picture Of Your Ballot After Voting The Turtleboy Ticket Tomorrow


Tomorrow is the primary election in Massachusetts, and I’m here to present the Turtleboy ticket. If you’re a registered independent then you can choose a Republican or a Democratic ballot, but certain races will not appear on the ballot depending on which one you choose.

7th Congressional district – Write in Rayla Campbell. 

I can’t speak highly enough of Rayla. She’s a breath of fresh air and a fighter. Ringo Pressley needs a challenger, and the only way for Rayla to get on the ballot in November is for at least 2,000 people to write her in tomorrow. If you live in Randolph, Mattapan, Milton, Roxbury, Cambridge, Brighton, Alston, Hyde Park, West Roxbury, Dorchester, Roslindale, East Boston, Charlestown, Somerville, Chelsea, Everett, or Cambridge, please take a Republican ballot, write in her name, take a picture of that ballot, and send it to me on Facebook (Clarence Woods Emerson) or via email ([email protected]). Some will tell you that this is illegal, but no one enforces “ballot selfies.” Similar laws in other states (including New Hampshire) have been struck down by the courts. Ballot selfies are free speech and a way for you to almost keep a receipt of your vote. I don’t trust that they’ll count your vote, so if I personally had in my possession 2,000 pictures of ballots with her name on it that would be very helpful.

Make sure to include the address too when voting.


Democratic U.S. Senate

If you must, vote for Ed Markey. He’s horrible and pathetic, but he’s not as as horrible and pathetic as Ginger Joe Kennedy, who would be the younger male version of Pocahontas. It should be noted that Kennedy was winning the polls before we exposed his ties to Monica Cannon-Grant, and now he’s down double digits. Markey should win this easily.


Republican U.S. Senate

I’m a Shiva guy. I know some people don’t like him and he can come across as crazy, but I like a little bit of crazy. And the fact of the matter is that whoever wins this is gonna be a HUGE underdog to Markey. Scott Brown and Martha Coakley are not walking through that door. So you might as well go with the guy who will make the next two months entertaining. The other guy is Kevin O’Connor and he seems fine. Wants to support the police and Trump and whatnot. He seems more like your standard Republican nominee, and seems to have the backing of pretty much every elected Republican in the state. Meanwhile Shiva’s got a cult like following all over the state and is a more well established name at this point. I’ll vote for whoever wins the primary, with the understanding that it’s probably in vain anyway.

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