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Bangor Woman Raising Money For Husband’s Love Child With Meth Addict Who She’s Pretending To Adopt, Arrested For Stealing $15K From Elderly Woman She Cleans For


This is Bangor, ME mother of six Cynthia Daigle.

She has no tolerance for lying, stealing, or cheating.

Which is interesting, because those are three very prominent aspects of her life.

Fox BangorA woman accused of stealing a ring valued at more than $15,000 was in a Bangor court Friday afternoon. Bangor Police Lieutenant Brent Beaulieu says Cynthia Daigle, the owner of Cynthia’sCleaning Service, allegedly stole the diamond while cleaning a Bangor woman’s house. Police recovered the missing diamond when they executed a search warrant at Daigle’s Hermon home Thursday. After the search, Bangor police arrested the 35-year-old and charged her with theft. Friday afternoon, a judge set bail for Daigle at $5,000. According to the Penobscot County Jail’s web site, Daigle was released on bail Friday afternoon. Beaulieu says anyone who has used Daigle’s cleaning service is advised to contact police if they believe anything is missing from their home.

In fairness, getting arrested on February 14 for stealing is the easiest way to get some Valentine’s Day scissoring. Whatever you do, please do not call her an unfit mother.

Only God can judge.

Cynthia seems to work for the Ross Manor Nursing home.

I understand that the victim in this case was an elderly person who probably didn’t know any better, but if Vicky Vicodin here shows up at your front door to clean your jewelry….

You are getting robbed. That’s just science. This is why you should always judge a book by its cover. Sure, once in a while a completely innocent person will be judged unfairly. But 98% of the time, it works every time.

A quick look at the condition of her own house probably should’ve disqualified her from getting a cleaning job.

Cynthia is arguably the most legendary ratchet in Maine, which is no easy feat since Maine is filled with bewhiskered women whose primary skill involves obtaining doctor’s ledgers in order to write themselves prescriptions for OCs.

Here’s the ultimate character review.

She got so high that she tried to sell donated clothing back to the woman who donated the clothing to her. That will live on in junkie folklore for eternity.

And can someone please inform Andrew Okusko that she can’t sleep with him if she’s in jail?

Hope she sees this my guy!

Last year she attempted to profit after she spray painted her own car with “baby killer” during a trip to Hannaford’s.

If you don’t speak Ratchese, she’s saying that her car wasn’t tagged up with “baby killer” because she killed a baby (that we know of), but because she was buying food for a friend of her’s who had been accused of killing a baby. That friend would be this lovely woman featured on Turtleboy in September.

Kim Nelligan, AKA the Relapsipotamus. Because, of course they’re friends. It’s Maine.

After her friend Kim was arrested for killing her child Cynthia attempted to profit off of it by selling t-shirts commemorating the one year old baby.

Kim is out on bail and finally got her revenge by posting her private conversations with Cynthia on the BPD Facebook page.

But she was not welcomed in the Internet pile-on.

Cynthia is constantly looking for free things she can then sell for her next fix from Diego.

When she’s not doing that she’s offering to “shovel” for hire, which seems to be an excuse to get near your home.

If you need 18 inches of Maine snowfall shoveled from your driveway don’t use a snowblower, just call up old track mark Trish here.

Just like the State of Maine – she’s used to being covered in wet white stuff.

All this crime isn’t her fault though because she has that “disease” that’s been going around.

The one that makes you steal your best friend’s ATM card, drain their bank account, and blame it on a disease.

By far her most amazing lie is the one she’s been telling for the last moth or so. She’s been posting about how her husband David impregnated a 21 year old meth head she’s given the name Jamie Lynn, who is somehow more ratchet than she is. She claims the State of Maine is giving her full legal custody of this child even though she’s lost custody of all but one of her six real children.

Perfectly normal.

Why is she pretending to be adopting meth addicted seventh child? Either she’s a) fishing for baby donations she could then sell for crack money, or b) plotting to cut a pregnant woman open and go full Ralph Northum on the fully formed inside. It’s Maine, so anything is possible. By the looks of the ultrasound pictures she posted the day before she was arrested, it appears to be A.


And a quick reverse image search for that yields….

She’s even named her imaginary baby and misspelled his name in the most ironic way possible, considering her current status.

She Googled Lian and spelt it wrong. Google corrected it for her. She spelt it Liaem again.


Her husband David showed up to defend her honor in the comments under the ultrasound picture to explain how they were actually duped by another woman pretending to be pregnant who he didn’t impregnate after all.

Hate when that happens.

All this infidelity has given poor Cynthia a case of the sads.

Why isn’t she dumping her husband? Hee’s got a disease of his own – “sec addiction.”

Plus, everyone’s man cheats on them.

David is eternally grateful that he’s allowed to impregnate stray meth heads and still be given a second, third, or fourth chance.

David himself is in on the scam of course too.

You have to do what you have to do when Z107.3 doesn’t follow through with free tickets to the Bangor Fair.

It’s a shame this happened because Cynthia had just found ratchet Jesus and was turning her life around.

And she’s so close to learning the ages of all her DCF dumplings.

Something tells me Cynthia and Kim Nelligan are going to meet up soon and settle their difference.


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